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Why Are Acoustic Office Pods Important In A Modern Office?

In the wake of the pandemic and the subsequent trend in remote and hybrid working, office

pods are definitely making their mark on the business world! Most office pods provide

acoustic properties which means that they can be utilised for a number of varying working


This benefit deems them a superb investment for any forward-thinking business.

Optimal privacy

Despite the ever-growing trend in large, open office spaces, it’s fair to say that they aren’t

particularly conducive to peace and quiet. And that’s where acoustic office pods really

come into their own.

When a member of the team needs a bit of privacy to attend to a phone or video call, or

simply give a task their complete focus, a pod enables the perfect acoustic retreat. Due to

their in-built, soundproofing qualities, workers can complete all matter of tasks with no

interruptions, and no noise disruptions from chatter or ringing phones. Just complete focus!

Ultimately, that means less stress and greater productivity from your workforce, and optimal

ROI for you as a business.

Team collaboration and meetings

There are numerous occasions when team members need to come together to brainstorm

and collaborate. It’s not ideal when they’re conscious of making too much noise (and the

remaining workforce won’t thank them for being too disruptive).

A strategically placed soundproofed meeting pod provides the ideal place for a team to

discuss their ideas freely. Offices of old tended to comprise of just one central meeting

room which greatly limited access, that’s why newer and improved office models have found more innovative methods of enabling collaboration when needed.

Now, when a bit of elevated noise is anticipated, teams can head to the acoustic pod and

discuss to their hearts content, keeping the noise both in and out.

Flexible spaces

A pod can be whatever you want it to be! Need to make a private call, the phone booth is

ideal. A 1pm Zoom with a client? Pop into the Cove. Last minute customer meeting or a

candidate interview? Do it in style and comfort.

Depending on your personal requirements, you can choose acoustic pods for anything from

1-person setups and duos, to a 10-person, you can even choose between sitting and

standing and advanced ergonomics for comfort. The ideal solution is to have one of each

to allow for solo and group tasks, but that’s entirely up to you and your business needs.

There’s also the flexibility and choice of configuring your pod to suit your own space. Most

office pods, particularly acoustically treated pods are available in a vast array of colours,

designs, and styles to suit you existing décor.

Portable and cost-effective

Office spaces are changing by the minute and it’s hard for us to keep up with the latest

‘must-have.’ There’s one thing that won’t be changing, however, and that’s the need for


Pods are ideal for businesses that are constantly growing and evolving as there’s no need

for costly construction work to take place. Regardless of any office configuration or

relocation, you’re always guaranteed to have a portable space that can travel with you.

When you consider these points, you can see how pods are worth the investment. There’s

no need for an expensive office overhaul to implement walls and boundaries when you have

the longevity of a portable space.


On a final note, acoustic pods are sublimely impressive. Your workforce will enjoy the

improved office space, your clients and customers will be left with a great impression of you, and new candidates will undoubtedly do a double take!

Why choose FluidSpace?

FluidSpace™ offers companies the flexibility and confidence to create exceptional office

space experiences for their people. It does exactly what it says – it uses furniture to create

agile, flexible workspaces that can be quickly and cost-effectively reconfigured to meet the

changing demands of businesses.

FluidSpace has been supplying a vast number of office pods of all different shapes and sizes to organisations across the UK for a number of years.

Now, we’d love to discuss your business needs!


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