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Office Phone Booths

Office phone booths have been designed for the modern office space to help provide privacy and focus.  We provide a wide range of floor standing acoustic phone booths for every requirement - varying from fully equipped smart corporate office telephone booths to cost-effective booth solutions.

Office phone booths were designed to address two core issues relating to the modern working environment and the open-plan office: the need for physical privacy and the need for acoustic privacy. These single-user acoustic phone booths provide staff with a quick escape from ambient noise and with their small footprint, they can be located near their primary area of work. 

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What is an office phone booth?

An office phone booth or phone pod is a modern office furniture solution designed to provide the office worker with quick and easy access to an enclosed space for phone calls, video calls and focused work. It’s an excellent solution for people who struggle to focus in an open-plan office and face increasing challenges in finding a quiet place to have phone conversations or work undisturbed.  These free-standing acoustic phone booths provide workers with a sound-absorbing retreat when they need to get some privacy. 

Most acoustic phone booth pods feature acoustic properties with the latest technology and accessories for a comfortable place to work.  Equipped with power sockets, USB charging ports and data ports the user can stay connected and their devices charged.  Additional accessories such as whiteboards, pinboards, and Bluetooth speakers can also be added as an optional extra.  For additional comfort, most office phone booths have integrated LED lighting and an active ventilation system for air circulation which typically is turned by the booth's motion sensor.

An alternative to a fully enclosed acoustic phone booth is the open phone booth. These are open on one side for entry whilst three acoustic screen walls protect the user and provide a level of acoustic privacy. The open booth protects the user with high side panels and maybe a canopy (depending on the model) from visual distractions and some sounds. They are more cost-effective than the closed office phone booths but they do not provide the same level of acoustic privacy.

Benefits of having Sound Absorbing Office Phone Booths for the Open Plan Office

  • They provide a personal quiet space with acoustic properties helping free up meeting rooms

  • Office booths contribute to employee wellbeing and reduce downtime

  • No dilapidation cost at the end of the lease period

  • They should be seen as an investment as they reduced time & cost for relocation

  • There is less if any Landlord interface and approvals with office booth solutions.

Office Phone Booth Furniture

Most office phone booths are supplied without furniture. The reason behind this is that it's a single user pod that's already limited in space.

Some phone booths like the Torus S and On the QT offer seating through a fixed stool or built-in soft seating. The Torus S phone pod provides an optional centrally located height-adjustable stool that comes fixed to the floor. Having a seat can be restrictive as it often doesn't leave enough room around the stool to stand and it can't be moved.

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