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Framery One Compact

From £5,790

Rent from £48 per week

* Rental price based on a 36-month term and does not include delivery & installation

Framery One Compact is a smart, spacious, one-person phone booth designed for phone and video calls. This state-of-the-art soundproof office pod is packed with technology, featuring world-class sound insulation, echo-free acoustics, adaptive ventilation and automated lighting – so you can focus on your calls and connect online with people anywhere.

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Key Features

  • Class A soundproofing according to ISO 23351-1

  • Embedded sound masking for improved acoustics

  • Top mounted occupancy light

  • Adjustable internal 4000K LED lighting 

  • Adaptive ventilation with automatic sensor

  • Maximum airflow 36 l/s, 76 CFM (129.6 m3/h)

  • Temperature & humidity sensors

  • Built in table

  • Optional height adjustable fixed stool with footrest

  • Power outlet & USB charging ports

  • 5" touchscreen for adjusting pod settings and booking system

  • 4G connection for automatic over-the-air software updates

  • Occupancy data gathering via Framery Connect

  • Wide range of finish options

Dimensions (WxDxH)

1030 x 1000 x 2250mm

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