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Welcome to FluidSpace™ - flexible workspace that shrinks, expands, and even relocates with you!

We have developed FluidSpace™ as a means of ensuring that companies have the flexibility and confidence to create exceptional workspaces for their people.  It does exactly what it says – it creates agile, flexible workspaces that can be quickly and cost-effectively reconfigured to meet the changing demands of organisations. 

By utilising office furniture such as office pods and zoning furniture to create rooms and zones rather than traditional methods of fit-out such as office partitions, it allows for maximum flexibility – new zones and rooms can be established without the need for disruptive and expensive construction works.

Why choose FluidSpace™?

Highly flexible.

Furniture is much easier to reconfigure and relocate, compared with traditional construction methods such as standard office partitions.  With many manufacturers offering mobile and modular furniture, your workspace could be entirely rearranged in as little as a weekend.

Modular Office Furniture
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Traditional fit out is typically not sustainable with modern construction methods using plasterboard and aluminium to create walls and ceilings.  Huge amounts of this material are sent to landfill during refurbishment and fit out projects.

By utilising furniture to create zones and spaces, we can eliminate the need to strip out partitions when reconfiguring workspace, creating a more sustainable future.

Minimal dilapidations.

Another large section of cost in a fit-out project are internal partitions and joinery.  By opting for office pods or acoustic screens to create different zones or rooms, these costs can be exchanged for a much more flexible alternative.

By default, this reduction in construction and M&E modification also means a huge saving in dilapidation costs at the end of the lease period.  The furniture can be simply relocated to a new office in a very short period, leaving behind an empty space largely the same as prior to occupation.

Office Pods
Office Pods & Office Booths

Cost effective.

A large proportion of the costs in a traditional workspace fit-out project are often the Mechanical & Electrical section – HVAC, lighting, and fire services all must be modified and extended to suit the layout and meet Building Regulations.  By using office storage and acoustic pods to create different spaces, many of these costs are no longer necessary, therefore saving both time and money from construction phases.

Tax efficient.

From a financial perspective, this is also very efficient.  As furniture is considered for capital allowance purposes as plant and machinery, it qualifies for AIA (Annual Investment Allowance) and can be taken off profits before tax is calculated.
Up until the end of March 2023, companies can claim 130% on qualifying capital allowance expenditure.   For example, with the current corporation tax being 19%, an outlay of £100,000 on furniture would mean a saving of £24,700.

Collaborative Office Furniture

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