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A Step-by-Step Guide to Implementing FluidSpace

Understanding FluidSpace 

FluidSpace is not just about adding pods, sofas, and chairs to your office. It represents a transformation in office design, highlighting flexibility, adaptability, and dedication to creating a workspace that serves to the diverse needs of modern professionals. 


Whether you're looking to enhance collaboration, introduce privacy solutions, or optimise spatial utilisation, FluidSpace is a versatile and dynamic concept that can be customised to meet your organisation's unique requirements from the design to the implementation. 


fluid design and furniture

Step 1: Assessing Your Organisation's Needs 

As a first step, for us to successfully implement FluidSpace, it is essential to conduct a comprehensive assessment of your organisation's current workspace challenges. This assessment involves identifying areas lacking collaboration, pinpointing zones with privacy concerns, and evaluating how structural arrangements impact productivity. 


FluidSpace is specifically designed to address these challenges, making the initial assessment a crucial foundation for success. 


Step 2: Engaging Stakeholders 

Implementing FluidSpace requires collaboration from various stakeholders. It is crucial to engage decision-makers, heads of departments, and employees to gather diverse perspectives and ensure everyone is heard.  


Considering everyone's viewpoint ensures that the implementation aligns with the organisation's overall goals and meets the personnel's expectations. 


Step 3: Customising FluidSpace 

FluidSpace is designed to be a flexible solution, which means it can be customised to fit your organisation's unique needs and preferences. With various design options and configurations available, Fluid enables you to tailor FluidSpace to match your brand identity seamlessly.  


This flexibility and extensive range of options allow for a customised implementation that aligns with your organisational culture and aesthetic preferences, making FluidSpace a powerful solution for optimistic businesses. 


Fluid's office design and furniture

Step 4: Planning the Physical Layout 

Effective space planning is crucial for a successful implementation of FluidSpace. Collaborating with our design experts is recommended to optimise the placement of Fluid's innovative office pods and booths


Factors such as traffic flow, natural light, and specific functions of each office area should be considered during the planning process.  


You can create a cohesive and functional workspace by thoughtfully planning the placement of the pods and booths. 


Step 5: Implementing FluidSpace Gradually 

We recommend implementing FluidSpace in your offices gradually. That would minimise any potential disruptions and ensure a smoother transition. You can start with a pilot phase by introducing innovative office solutions in specific departments or areas. It would be helpful to request feedback during this phase to make necessary adjustments before expanding the implementation to the entire organisation.  


This approach will help you promptly identify and address any issues, ensuring a successful implementation. 


Step 6: Employee Training and Communication 

During the implementation process, it is important to maintain transparent communication. Conduct training sessions to familiarise employees with FluidSpace and clearly articulate how this shift aligns with organisational goals and enhances the overall work experience. 


Fluid's office design

Step 7: Monitoring and Adaptation 

It is crucial to monitor the implementation continuously. Gather employee feedback, analyse the utilisation patterns, and evaluate the impact on productivity and collaboration.  


Use this data to make informed adaptations and ensure that FluidSpace can meet the evolving needs of your organisation. 



Summing up, FluidSpace is a revolutionary office design service that provides a flexible and adaptable solution for modern workplaces. This step-by-step guide will help you confidently implement FluidSpace, creating a workspace that encourages collaboration, privacy, and adaptability. 


Embrace this change, empower your team, and get the full potential of FluidSpace in your organisation. 


Download our free guide to get a better grasp of what FluidSpace is, and get in touch with us today for any queries or upcoming projects. 



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