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Budget-Friendly Office Furniture Rental Options

FluidSpace Flex™ offers modern and innovative workspace furniture without breaking the bank, by renting, upgrading, and replacing furniture when needed.  


Fluid's office furniture

What is FluidSpace Flex™? 


It's an innovative subscription-based scheme that allows you to access a wide range of furniture without the hefty upfront costs.  


With FluidSpace Flex™, you have the flexibility to upgrade or replace your office's furniture whenever you need, ensuring your workspace always aligns with the dynamic nature of your business.  


This cost-effective scheme lets you maintain an up-to-date and aesthetically pleasing workspace while optimising your budget for other essential business expenses.  


Additionally, by opting for furniture rental options, you contribute to sustainability by minimising furniture waste and, therefore, your ecological footprint.  


Choose this rental service and redefine flexibility while reducing your carbon footprint. 


Discover budget-friendly office furniture options! 


Welcome to a world of possibilities where your office can be as dynamic as your business demands. Choose from a comprehensive range of modern furniture designed to meet the fast-paced requirements of today's offices: 


Acoustic Booths and Pods: 

Foster focused work and enhance privacy with our innovative acoustic solutions. Create dedicated spaces for collaboration or individual concentration, adapting to your team's diverse needs. 


Example from only £39 per week: 


Mya Acoustic Booth 

Mya Acoustic Booth 

Explore Mya, a minimalistic workspace acoustic booth that comes in two models, sit and stand, offering two natural working positions.  


It includes an adjustable LED light, temperature control, motion detector, and built-in charging ports. It has also got built-in rollers for easy relocation.  


It is a perfect choice for fostering concentration in a contemporary setting. 



Ergonomic Chairs: 

Prioritise employee well-being with our ergonomic chair options. Comfort meets style as you provide your team with seating that supports good posture and boosts productivity. 


A chair example from only £2 per week: 


Tonique Ergonomic Chair 

Tonique Ergonomic Chair 

Check out Tonique, an ergonomic mesh chair that combines comfort and style seamlessly.  


Its key features include a personalised control mechanism, 3D adjustable arms, lumbar support, and a seat slide. 


This chair supports good posture, ensuring your team stays comfortable and focused during extended work hours. 



Versatile Desks: 

Our range of desks caters to various work styles. From collaborative workstations to individual desks, it ensures that your office layout remains adaptable to changing requirements. 


A desk example from only £4 per week 


Hop Versatile Desk 

Hop Versatile Desk 

Introducing Hop, an adjustable height desk that allows switching between sitting and standing working positions with the touch of a button. 


Its height range is from 625 to 1275mm. It has dual motors, a 120 kg load capacity, and an anti-collision feature. 


Its versatility makes it an excellent choice for creating a dynamic and functional workspace. 



To sum up, if you are interested in upgrading your workspace but are worried about the upfront costs, FluidSpace Flex™ is the solution you're looking for. Our budget friendly workspace furniture rental service is easy to use - browse our catalogue, choose what you need, and enjoy the flexibility to change your office space as required.  


It's not just about renting furniture, though. By choosing FluidSpace Flex™, you're making a smart investment in your workspace's future. You can improve your office's look and feel, boost employee morale, and contribute to a more sustainable future - all without breaking the bank.  


Experience the perfect blend of innovation and practicality with FluidSpace Flex™. Make your workspace stand out and improve your surroundings today – get in touch.  Download our price guide




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