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FluidSpace Flex™.

Welcome to FluidSpace Flex™ - the ultimate solution in workspace flexibility!

Following many conversations with many organisations over the past months, it became clear that flexibility is an increasingly crucial feature when it comes to real estate and the workplace.  From this, we have launched FluidSpace Flex™ - a subscription-based office furniture rental scheme that gives organisations complete flexibility to increase or reduce their furniture on demand.  By turning high capital expenditure into low monthly expense costs, it allows organisations to retain capital for business growth.

Specific furniture requirement?

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How does FluidSpace Flex™ work?


Choose Furniture.

Choose the furniture that you need to suit your current requirements.


Get a Quote.

We'll send you a quote for all your furniture including delivery & installation to your chosen location.


& Install.

Our team of experts will deliver and install your furniture at your workplace at a time that suits you.


Stay Flexible.

After the 3 month minimum period is up, you can keep renting, return what you don't need or upgrade to a new style!

Why choose FluidSpace Flex™?

Total Flexibility.

In today's hybrid workplace, requirements can change very quickly. Teams change, staff are hired or redeployed.  With our flexible furniture subscription model, you can add and return furniture to suit your organisations changing needs.

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Capital Release.

By renting office furniture you are only paying for the use of the assets and not tying up any capital in fixed assets.  It makes sense to keep capital expenditure to a minimum and use that capital to invest into business expansion and growth.

Tax Benefits.

Monthly rental payments are tax-deductible as a business operating expense, as opposed to high capital expenditure typically associated with office furniture procurement. This is a huge benefit of our office furniture subscription service that is often overlooked.

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Stay Ahead.

Workplace trends and technology change at a rapid pace.  With our flexible furniture subscription model, you can easily and quickly upgrade to the furniture that suits your changing requirements without the expense of capital asset purchases.  

Inherently Sustainable.

Over 22 million pieces of furniture are discarded each year in the UK alone and the majority of this ends up in landfill.  By switching to a rental scheme, furniture that is no longer required can be put back to use for someone else or refurbished and resold.

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Trial Schemes.

Unsure how hybrid working will affect your organisation?  The flexibility of FluidSpace Flex™ allows you to install pilot schemes and gather meaningful data on what really works, without the high capital risk traditionally associated with workplace trials.