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FluidSpace Flex™
Office furniture rental from just 6 months

Following many conversations with many organisations over the past months, it became clear that flexibility is an increasingly crucial feature when it comes to real estate and the workplace. 


From this, we have launched FluidSpace Flex™ - a subscription-based office furniture rental scheme that gives organisations complete flexibility to increase or reduce their furniture on demand.  Swapping high capital expenditure for low monthly operating costs, it allows organisations to retain capital for business growth.

Trusted by Global Brands.

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"We came up with the concept of FluidSpace Flex as a way of providing complete flexibility to organisations who aren't really sure about how changes to the workplace will work for them. 


It's all very well telling someone what will work for them but nothing actually replaces data that proves it!  By allowing people to trial furniture and new ways of working without high capital risk, we can allow them to find out what really works."

Warwick Flint, Director

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Why choose FluidSpace Flex™?

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How does FluidSpace Flex™ work?

How It Works
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Interested in furniture rental? Get in touch today

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