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How Workspace Phone Booths Can Make a More Productive Office

In today's digital workspaces, where productivity is vital, creating a comfortable and efficient environment should be a top priority for businesses.  


Although open-space offices are great for building relationships and encouraging collaboration, they often come with challenges like excess noise and constant distractions. To address these issues, implementing phone booths is becoming increasingly popular as an effective solution.  


In this blog post, we will explore how workspace phone booths can help upgrade any workspace for a more focused and efficient work environment. Let’s discover some of the key benefits of phone booths. 




Privacy is one of the most common challenges when working in an office. Whether you're a social person or not, there are always moments when you wish you had some privacy to complete a task, have a private meeting, or get your head together.  


Phone booths come in various styles and colours to fit the vibe of your office while offering a sheltered space for employees. They provide a quiet and private space where you can make confidential calls, hold virtual/in-person meetings, or relax and take a break when needed.  


With a Fluid phone booth, you can have the peace and privacy you need to stay productive. 


Productivity and Focus 


Distractions can be a significant obstacle to productivity as they frequently interrupt the flow of concentrated work. Many individuals find establishing and maintaining concentration and focus challenging, leading to a vicious circle of constant interruptions that reduce the overall hours of genuinely productive work.  


This is where Fluid's phone booths come in handy. These booths shield against the office's ongoing noise, allowing you to focus on work without any disturbance. The enclosed space helps to minimise external noise, which creates an environment that's perfect for deep work and heightened focus.  




In an office environment, having private spaces is essential, but so is effective communication. It can be challenging to navigate a busy workspace where everyone is engaged in different tasks, making seamless interaction difficult. Therefore, creating a designated area for group discussions and collaboration is crucial to improving efficiency.  


Businesses can optimise their communication strategies by fostering an environment accommodating individual focus and collective engagement. This will ensure that the exchange of ideas and information flows smoothly. 


Fluid's phone booths strike the perfect balance between solitude and collaboration. These booths are equipped with advanced acoustics, ensuring that your conversations are crystal clear without disturbing the rest of the office. Whether a quick catch-up with a colleague or a virtual client meeting, these booths are designed to facilitate seamless communication. 


Flexibility & Style  


When it comes to working, we understand that a great workspace is not just about functionality but also aesthetics. Our selection of phone booths boast modern and adaptable designs, seamlessly integrating into various office settings.  


Whether you opt for a classic or contemporary style, these booths can be customised to match your office's unique aesthetic, enhancing the overall atmosphere, and creating a pleasing workplace for your employees. 

Employee Wellbeing 


In today's modern workspaces, prioritising the wellbeing of employees is crucial. Studies have shown that employees who feel valued and understood tend to have a better work ethic. By providing a dedicated space for employees to recharge, refocus, and regroup, these booths demonstrate a commitment to fostering a positive and supportive workplace culture. 



As workplaces evolve and change, finding new and innovative solutions is essential. Fluid's phone booths not only address the challenges of open offices but also redefine the concept of a private workspace. Many options are available for office needs, so there's no excuse not to invest in these sleek and functional booths.  


By doing so, you can upgrade your office and turn it into a dynamic, collaborative, and productive hub that adapts to the needs of modern work. Boost your workspace with some of Fluid's phone booths and experience a positive impact on productivity, focus, and overall employee well-being. 


We provide phone booth monthly subscription schemes to make it easier for you. Find out more.  


Feel free to contact us for any questions or advice - get in touch. 




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