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Office Design & Space Planning

In today's uncertain climate, office design is shifting to a new future and companies are navigating new challenges and opportunities.

The future of the workspace is going to be hugely different, with a greater emphasis on health and wellbeing and many companies embracing the opportunities that home working brings.

With the majority of organisations assessing their real estate strategy, we can help you manage the optimisation of your existing office layout or the design of your new workspace.  Our office space planning services can help you create a safe, productive, collaborative, and beautiful office space that is tailored to your people and supports your business objectives.

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Workplace Strategy

By collecting data and insights from the people that use your workspace, we can create workplace strategies that are robust and statistically proven.  We can assess your current workspace and make informed recommendations on optimising it for the future to support your organisation’s long-term goals and vision.

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Ergonomic Design

Workplace ergonomics are fundamental to employee wellbeing and productivity.  We can support you at the outset of a design project or assess your current setup to create the best environment for your team.  We can advise on the most effective ergonomic tools and practices to keep your team at maximum health, happiness, and productivity.

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Space Optimisation

Space planning or space optimisation is key to any office design project.  Our workspace design service will take into consideration key factors such as your flexible working strategies, departmental collaboration, storage requirements and technology needs amongst others to create a dynamic workspace that supports your organisation’s objectives.

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3D Visualisation

To help you envisage exactly how your space will look, our design team can produce concept sketches, high quality 3D photo-realistic images and 360º virtual walkthroughs of the proposed workspace, giving you peace of mind that our solutions will meet your requirements.

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