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Acoustic Screens & Privacy Booths

Acoustic furniture helps make private spaces where people can study or carry out tasks that require concentration and a bit of peace and quiet.  Use acoustic screens or high-backed privacy pods to create mini havens of peace and tranquillity where you can really block the rest of the workspace out and focus on what you need to.

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Price Range

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Furniture for Focus Spaces

Our range of focus and privacy furniture is designed to encourage focused working without having to compromise on team spirit and without having to build lots of rooms.  Choose Coppice as a space where you can focus on specific tasks – with the option of power and lighting you have everything you need to get the job done.

Make use of mobile acoustic screens and other zoning furniture as a flexible way of creating spaces for people to focus on specific tasks.  Use a solution such as Village that incorporates a work surface to really help your people achieve the best results possible.

Privacy pods are a great way of encouraging people to use specific zones for specific tasks.  If you need to finish a report or carry out a video conference, furniture pieces such as Cubbi or Focus are perfect for such applications.

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