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5 Key Considerations When Renting Office Furniture

We’re sure you understand the importance of your office space on how your business

performs, today, and into the future. In a modern workplace, your office design and furniture

need to work for your workforce, and not the other way round. It’s no surprise that it can

therefore be pretty stressful when choosing to invest in an updated office design. Choosing

the right furniture to invest in can be particularly challenging, especially if you’re a new

startup or keeping a close eye on the budget.

Did you know that rental furniture was even an option? We’re here to tell you that it very

much is! It’s a cost-effective and productive option for businesses that are starting out,

rapidly evolving, or simply prefer to invest their surplus funds into other areas but still want to benefit from a modern office design.

There are a few factors you’ll need to consider before deciding if this is the right option for

you, but luckily we’ve laid them out for you to make it easier…

Office needs

Before you jump straight in and start ordering an array of acoustic office pods and

comfortable armchairs, you’ll need to assess the working requirements of your office

space. Don’t get us wrong, it’s incredibly contemporary and a wellbeing winner to

incorporate a whole host of shiny collaboration furniture into your environment, but if your

working requirements are more inclined towards solitude and focussed individual work, you’ll need to take this into consideration and invest accordingly.

Many modern offices opt for a combination of collaboration, meeting, and private furniture

options to accommodate a productive cross-section of working requirements, but it’s an

important, and uniquely individual, consideration when you’re selecting your pieces for your


Consider the seating needs of your workforce, are there a range of physical needs? Some

might require standing office desks to break up lengthy sitting periods, perhaps your team

will benefit from height adjustable desks to mitigate health risks. Understanding your

employee requirements will make this a much more successful venture.

(Top tip: everyone loves a comfortable sofa though!)

Payment plans

If you can’t justify the initial capital to invest in office furniture, it’s nothing to worry about.

Office furniture rental carries the same benefits (and more if you include improved

sustainability and flexibility!) but without the large one-off payment!

With simple contracts and low minimum terms, renting your office furniture comes with a

whole host of benefits including improved flexibility (try something out and see if it works).

Minimum rental terms starting from just three months!

Additional tax benefits and the added freedom to remaining flexible in your approach can

often lead to increased ability to deliver accelerated growth that could have otherwise been a costly venture.


The simple truth is that there is no compromise on quality when it comes to rental furniture.

FluidFlex is however, a proud circular service. We’re passionate about protecting the

environment and strongly uphold ‘re-use’ over sending millions of discarded furniture items

unnecessarily to landfill. By renting furniture from Fluid, you’re opting into better

sustainability practices without compromising on quality.

What this means is that your furniture will not necessarily be brand new, but it will be ‘like

new’ with minimal signs of usage. Any damaged items are fully repaired before being sent

out for rental, so you’ll always receive your items in top shape. Take it from us, once you’ve

got your modular meeting venue in place, you’ll think it’s straight out of the showroom,

without the large invoice!


Many modern offices rely on technology to function nowadays so it’s important to consider

the requirements of your workforce when selecting your rental furniture. If private phone and

video calls are prevalent, make sure you look at soundproofed options to complement your

needs. You can even incorporate lighting and temperature controls to ensure a comfortable

working environment if they’re going to be the backbone of your operations.

If you’d prefer to have an agile co-working space, you can choose height adjustable

desking options with integrated smart technology and power banks to help users create

their ideal workstation for any task at hand. You’ll also want to ensure that workstations have

ample spaces for laptops, monitors, and other essential tools.

Thinking of office furniture rental? Work with the experts…

Fluid’s rental scheme supports complete workspace flexibility.

As a subscription-based furniture rental scheme, we offer organisations the flexibility to

increase or decrease furniture according to their ever-changing workspace. The added

environmental benefits also give you peace of mind.

Our rental model positively impacts you in a whole host of ways including improved flexibility,short term options, capital release and tax benefits. With minimum rental terms starting from just three months, you can easily afford yourself the gifts of sustainability and flexibility.

Ready to find out what really works in your office space without the long-term commitment

and costs? Get in touch with us today.


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