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5 Reasons Why Office Pods are an Investment

By now, you’re probably all too aware of the importance of a flexible workspace; an office space designed to offer employees a variety of different places and ways to work. When staff have the option of working in designated areas, productivity is at an all-time high.

Office pods fit perfectly into this new office model. They’re flexible and can be utilised for a number of varying working patterns. It’s the combination of these benefits that deems them a superb investment for any forward-thinking business.

We’ve outlined five reasons why you should be investing in office pods:

Maximum flexibility

You probably remember traditional office fit out measures such as dividing partitions? Whilst helping to provide an element of order, they didn’t allow for efficient flexibility. Agile, flexible workspaces utilise furniture that can be reconfigured quickly and cost-effectively, all to meet the changing demands of a business.

Office pods create individual rooms and zones for the purpose of a number of tasks. They can be created without the need for costly and disruptive construction work, and offer maximum flexibility and employee autonomy. They’re also a great addition to meet the needs of hybrid workers, with many new designs offering that homely resimercial feel.

Comfort and flexibility are a winning combination for employee well-being. In turn, productivity organically increases.

Need to rearrange your office space? Office pods allow you to reconfigure your office space in as little as a weekend.

Improve productivity

Background noise is problematic for anyone’s concentration span. When you think back to traditional call centres, it’s a wonder that there was any productivity given the constant ringing of phones and animated conversation. It certainly can’t have done much good for stress levels!

For optimum productivity, the key is to address the needs of your workforce. That means enabling solitude and collaboration where and when required. We’ve since found out that busy, open-plan offices aren’t particularly effective, so the implementation of zoning areas allows everyone to undertake their task without disruption.

When solitude is necessary, individual office pods can be used for confidential calls or video conferences. Soundproofing qualities ensure that sound remains both in and out of the booth so that everyone can focus with ease. Duo pods are a terrific way of ensuring privacy and confidentiality with space for two people to sit together during important video calls, conferences, private calls and webinars.

If you’re looking for something larger, flexible meeting room pods comfortably enable up to four people with the option of extending to a more formal meeting venue for ten people. And of course, you’re not restricted to its use. Should you choose, you can also have the space to unwind during breaks. The options are endless!

Regardless of its use, you can rest assured that any work within your office pod will remain private and uninterrupted, without disrupting the remaining office. Everyone’s happy, and able to concentrate and productivity is a force to be reckoned with!

Cost effective

One of the main reasons to consider an office pod is the financial benefits it can bring to your organisation. Without the need for a refit or lengthy construction work, office pods can be installed in the shortest time span. Fully equipped with the necessary light systems, ventilation and power and data connections, once it’s in place, there’s no need for you to pay anything else. It’s ready to go!

Their modular nature means that you can easily manoeuvre them around the office to suit the requirements of your workforce. This means that long term, you don’t need to think about too much restructuring as the pods can be used at your convenience. No need for further alterations!

Looking out for your employees has a profound impact on well-being which further promotes productivity. An increase in productivity means a greater return on investment for your business. Nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Boost focus and wellbeing

The well-being of your workforce is your top priority. While we’re seeing a rise in human-centric office spaces, it’s fair to say that offices aren’t usually synonymous with relaxation and ambience.

Office pods can create relaxation and ambience at the flick of a switch. Literally! Many modern designs use soft LED lighting to create a more relaxing atmosphere, proven to have a profound impact on mood and overall well-being.

Did you know that colours can have an impact on well-being? A key benefit of office pods is that interior upholstery can be selected to create an environment of your choosing. Green and blue can improve efficiency and focus, and yellow can trigger optimism.

The joy of an office pod is the ability to coordinate areas with working requirements. The addition of ergonomically-designed soft seating is an added bonus for staff that need a bit of time out to recharge. Happier staff all round!

Long term solution

As offices continue to evolve at a rapid rate, it can be hard to predict where you’ll be in five years’ time. That makes furniture purchases tricky. Office pods provide a long-term solution as they’ll come with you wherever you go.

Let’s say, for instance, your business expands quicker than anticipated and you decide to relocate to larger premises. Under normal circumstances, a new fit out will be required. The portable nature of an office pod is that it can be easily transported and placed in situ immediately. That’s a weight off your mind instantly!

No refit. No construction works. A huge, long-term cost saving. Think of the money saved on office furniture and fit-outs!

Office pods are fast becoming an essential element of the flexible workspace, with options to suit every budget. The most important thing is that your office pods meet the needs of your organisation and people, making them as productive as possible. With a range of short and long-term benefits, they’re a great investment for any thriving business.

Speak to one of our experts today to see how you can make a long-term investment in an office pod.


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