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The 5 Best Office Pods For Hybrid Working

In the age of hybrid working, office pods & office booths provide a great chance to focus and work in peace. Sometimes you just need to be alone. Whether you’re in need of solitary space for a video call or just a quiet space to focus, the traditional workspace provides little facility for this. The hybrid workspace blends open-plan collaborative and social zones with individual spaces for quiet, uninterrupted working.

While some office booths are single person, other larger pods are designed to create convenient and private meeting spaces for all types of meetings and teamwork. Whether it’s to bring your people together or give them time and space alone, the office pod is fast becoming a central part of the modern workspace. Check out 5 of our top office pods and booths for the hybrid workplace.

Hush Hybrid

Hush Hybrid Office Work Pod

The Hush Hybrid pod was designed to meet the current expectations of effective online work models. It is a mobile solution with built-in soft seating and provides a comfortable space for solo work, especially video conferences. It provides the comfort of working alone, especially while video conferencing or on long tasks which demand focus and quiet. The interior boasts side-screen LED facial lighting and scientifically certified acoustics for high-quality sound and image.

Hush Hybrid is designed with video conferences, online training, and webinars in mind. The booth has a comfortable soft seat supporting an upright body position, while the bracket enables you to hang up your all-in-one computer or monitor. The adjustable desktop inside allows you to adjust it to a depth that is comfortable for you.

Z Duo

Z Duo Office Meeting Pod

The Z Duo office meeting pod is unique within the market. It provides a private confidential workspace for two people to sit together during those important video conferences, private calls, and webinars and provides both privacy and clarity as a speaker & participant.

Z Duo comes with the option to mount an integral video screen for the ultimate video conference experience. With optional LED strip lighting on either side of the screen, this pod can be customised for a truly unique workplace.

Campers & Dens

Campers & Dens Office Meeting Pod

Campers & Dens is not just a pod system, it’s a concept change in interior architecture. A unique, demountable system that can be moved, repositioned or re-used to suit changing needs – perfectly suited to our FluidSpace™ workspace model. This offers unrivalled adaptability and the benefits of a manufactured system, putting it perfectly in sync with today’s fast-evolving and constantly changing workplace – in contrast to one-off static designs.

A highly customisable range of pods, cabins, and awnings in different shapes and materials is complemented by an extensive range of both integrated and freestanding seating and tabling. This means it can be configured to suit the exact needs of your team and can be added to and adapted as you grow and change in today’s dynamic environment.

Framery One

Framery One Office Pod

Framery One is a stylish and smart office pod, and the best place in the office to take a video call. This advanced work pod is a highly adaptable workspace where you won’t be disturbed by outside noise or distractions. Packed with the latest technology, leading sound insulation standards, and echo-free acoustics, Framery One has been engineered to let you focus on your work, and connect online with people anywhere.

Framery One has a top rating in the new ISO 23351-1 standard for sound insulation. This means you never have to worry about private conversations being overheard, or disturbing your co-workers, even if the pods are placed near open-plan desks. This office pod’s impressive ventilation will keep you feeling fresh and focused, while you enjoy the high air quality. And when we say impressive, we mean it. The ventilation speed for Framery One is 29 liters/second – that’s over four times higher than recommended for occupied spaces.

Torus L

Torus L Office Meeting Pod

A flexible meeting room innovated for the modern open workstyle, the Torus range features a modular design that accommodates up to 4 people per unit. The configuration can be extended into Torus XL with two units and Torus XXL with three units to provide a more formal meeting venue for up to 8 people.

The space can be used as a meeting/conference room, a workstation, or a personal resting space. Torus L is adaptable to any open-plan workspace to meet your needs.

The Best Pods for Your Office

Pods and booths, from office phone booths to meeting booths are a central element of FluidSpace™ flexible workspace that shrinks, expands, and even relocates with you! We have developed FluidSpace™ as a means of ensuring that companies have the flexibility and confidence to create exceptional workspaces for their people. It does exactly what it says – it creates agile, flexible workspaces that can be quickly and cost-effectively reconfigured to meet the changing demands of organisations.

FluidSpace™ uses office furniture such as office pods and zoning furniture to create rooms and zones rather than traditional methods of fit out such as office partitions. This allows for maximum flexibility – new zones and rooms can be established without the need for disruptive and expensive construction works.

Our recently-launched FluidSpace Flex™ scheme allows for even greater flexibility, offering office pods and meeting booths on a short or long-term rental, amongst other workplace furniture. With just a minimum 3-month rental term, organisations have the flexibility to trial new ways of working without the risk of wasted capital expenditure. This also enables them to quickly scale their workspace to suit their needs without incurring the hidden costs of furniture storage or disposal.

Office pods are fast becoming an essential element of the hybrid workspace, with options to suit every brand and budget. The most important thing is that your office pods suit the needs of your company and your people, making them as productive and effective as possible. Speak to one of our workspace experts today to find out how you can improve your staff’s productivity and wellbeing.

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