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Perfect for focus spaces or meeting rooms where flexibility and privacy are key, pods and meeting booths are a great way to create spaces where building office partitions would be challenging.  From office phone booths for quick calls to acoustic meeting pods with fully integrated technology, we can assist you in creating an exceptional workspace.

Frequently Asked Questions. 

What are office pods?

An office pod is an internal "room-in-room" booth solution that provides offices with acoustic meeting spaces such as meeting room pods, office work booths and office phone booths. Indoor office pods are an excellent alternative to traditional construction solutions such as office partitioning. Office pods are flexible, free-standing units designed to be completely self-contained, need no planning permission, and can be easily reconfigured if the company decides to relocate or refurbish their office space.

Enjoy browsing our aesthetically pleasing indoor office pods and booth options. With clean lines, attractive colours and comfortable seating, these flexible solutions include solo working spaces, as well as meeting rooms that are sound proofed. Many of the below options come with charging plugs for laptops and devices, or screens for presentations. 

What are the benefits of pods and seating booths?

Office pods have become a key component of the modern indoor workplace. They enable privacy in a world where office real estate space has become compressed. They also encourage collaboration, lower stress levels, make space for privacy and boost concentration levels in an open plan office – all crucial factors of a successful working environment. Another benefit is the ease of reconfigurability and the cost-savings that this brings - a pod can be easily relocated from one part of the building to another whereas a built meeting room cannot.

How much do office pods cost?

Pods and booths vary in price depending on the size and levels of acoustic privacy that they offer, along with the internal configuration.  A very simple phone booth with a door and a shelf, to take private phone calls can be as little as £5,000.  However, a large meeting pod to seat 10 people, with sliding doors, high-quality acoustic performance and integral technology would be considerably more.  Why not get in touch with one of our team, who can talk you through the options available and present a solution that meets your requirements and your budget.

Are pods & booths cheaper than building office partitions?

At face value, pods may seem more expensive than building office partitions but there are a lot of potential hidden costs involved in building a room that may not be immediately obvious.  For example, many pods come equipped with integral lighting and ventilation.  When building a meeting room, you may have to adapt the lighting and the ventilation to comply with Building Regulations and this can cost more than the partitioning itself.  When you consider the flexibility and ease of relocation of office pods, they are often considerably more cost effective than building partitions in the long-term.

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