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Office Meeting Pods 

The office meeting pod is a welcome addition to any contemporary office space. They enable privacy in a world where office estate space is tight. Secondly, they encourage collaboration, lower stress levels, make space for confidential discussions and boost concentration levels – all crucial factors of a successful office workflow.


Meeting pods can be described as a room within a room with meetings typically their main function. They come in different sizes so can accommodate meetings with different numbers of people. The pods can be fully enclosed, usually with a glass door and back-panel, or completely open. Closed pods benefit more than any other type of pods from improved acoustics as there is less places for sound to escape and enter. 

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What is an Office Meeting Pod?

An office meeting pod is an effective alternative to traditional construction options that don't require planning permission. They provide an acoustically secure meeting space in listed buildings or spaces with high ceilings with a freestanding meeting room solution or private office. Acoustic meeting pods provide additional spaces which help prevent individuals or small teams from taking up larger meeting rooms. They also help staff to escape any distracting ambient noise in the office without leaving the office.  Acoustic office meeting pods are comfortable, quiet spaces that adequately support their working needs, giving them that free space for confidential meetings or focused working.

Finding the right office pod solution couldn't be easier. We offer a comprehensive selection of standard private meeting pods and modular  units, allowing you to create an ideal space that can adapt to modern workplace needs. Meeting pods are suitable for both focused work, brainstorming for small groups or that freestanding extra meeting room or acoustic executive office that's long overdue.

All our internal office meeting pods offer quiet spaces that are customisable, allowing you to specify the finishes and equipment to suit your irequirements. 

Modular Meeting Pods

Modular meeting pods generally refer to a solution comprised of aluminium frames, glass and fabric panels that can be joined together to create an enclosed meeting space. Meeting room pods such as Rooms, Hush Meet or Verandas offer greater flexibility for office spaces. Systems like Verandas are designed as freestanding rooms, yet their structural framework and demountable panel system are simple to reconfigure as requirements change within an organisation. 

Acoustic Meeting Pods

Acoustic meeting pods are increasingly popular mainly due to the increasing need to create meeting spaces and quiet zones within open plan offices or other open areas. Acoustic pods create a room within a room and are available with a number of features such as LED lighting, whiteboard panels, TV monitor units and air circulation units to make each meeting as comfortable as possible.

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