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Our 5 Favourite Office Pods

Dedicated quiet spaces are a necessity within the high-tech buzz of the modern working environment. Sometimes you just need to be alone. Whether you’re in need of solitary space for private conversation or high-focus working, the modern workspace provides little facility for this, with greater emphasis on open-plan collaborative and social zones, rather than individual spaces for quiet, uninterrupted working.

With the rise of hybrid working, the role of the office has become still more of a collaboration hub than a desk farm, but people still need a space to focus on personal tasks throughout their time in the physical workspace. Many modern pod designs also have integrated technology options to help connect those working remotely as well as those in the office.

Here, we pick 5 of our favourite pod families from our range of office pods & booths, to help you understand what is available and how they can help you achieve your business objectives.


One of our most popular office pod ranges, the Hush family offers stylish design, excellent acoustics, and a high degree of customisability. Personal pods such as the Hush Hybrid and Hush Work are the perfect solution for phone calls, video conversations or highly focused work. It protects the privacy of the user whilst reducing noise in the rest of the space.

The largest pod in the range, Hush Meet, is a modular system of pods that allows you to create a space that suits your individual needs. The advanced acoustic technology integrated into the pod provides complete privacy and focus for all users.


Drawing on the rich design heritage of California, the Residence range creates iconic enclosures within the workplace, providing a serene sanctuary. The range comes with glazed panels, allowing light to continue to shine through the workspace. The birch plywood finish provides a raw, natural aesthetic contributing towards the need for a sanctuary, inviting people to a serene space through biophilic design.

Residence Connect is a single person, tech integrated video conferencing pod. It is crafted to provide an optimal and inclusive virtual meeting experience with excellent acoustic properties. Residence Max and Residence Work are also single-user pods with user comforts such as lighting adjustability, an integrated fan for personalized temperature control, and adjustable height desk surfaces.


The Bob collection of pods offers comfort, privacy, and style through high-quality upholstery. The design utilises large flat panels and soft rounded corners which not only look great but reduce and absorb sound. Available in a large variety of sizes, configurations, and finishes, from a 2-seat open-top-&-side version to a 6-person fully enclosed edition, the Bob pod is suitable for a wide variety of uses and design styles.

Glass front panels and a door can be added to the Bob Meeting Pod, creating a fully enclosed space perfect for meeting others or working as an individual. Like many others of our favourite pods, they are simple to install and can be easily relocated, either by dismantling the panels or reassembling them in the desired location.

Silent Room

Silent Room is the oasis of silence in a middle of a modern office. Thanks to this office solution, concentrating at work has never been easier as it enables employees to focus during phone conversations, video conferences or creative tasks without distracting others. The Silent Room family of phone and meeting pods ensure indoor air quality as well as acoustic and visual comfort for employees.

Available in a single person version as well as both 4-seat and 6-seat configurations, the space provides you with the freedom to create a personalised setting that suits your needs best. Whether it’s a regular (or high) table for your team meetings or a coffee table that can easily fit in several people for a casual get-together, the Silent Room range keeps noise distractions at bay and boosts employee productivity.

Possibly our favourite pod system of all, Campers & Dens is not just a pod system, it’s a concept change in interior architecture. A unique, demountable system that can be moved, repositioned or re-used to suit changing needs – perfectly suited to our FluidSpace™ workspace model.

The platform offers both unrivalled adaptability and the benefits of a manufactured system, putting it perfectly in sync with today’s fast-evolving and constantly changing workplace – in contrast to one-off static designs.

A completely customisable range of pods, cabins, and awnings in different shapes and materials is complemented by an extensive range of both integrated and freestanding seating and tabling. This means it can be configured to suit the exact needs of your team and space and can be added to and adapted as you grow and change in today’s dynamic environment.

Pods in the Modern Workspace

Perfect for focus spaces or meeting rooms where flexibility and privacy are key, office pods and booths are a great way to create spaces where building walls is challenging. They can be moved, adapted, and reconfigured as the needs of your teams and people change, helping to future-proof your workspace in these uncertain times.

Whether it’s to bring your people together or give them time and space alone, the office pod is fast becoming a central part of the modern workspace. Check out our full range of office pods and booths.


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