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Supporting a Circular Economy: How can Office Furniture Rental Help Save the Environment?

We’re all in tune with the damaging effects that our actions have on the environment. Luckily, many of us are making a more conscious effort to do something about it.

The hybrid office has improved our environmental footprint with less commuting, while a focus on more LED lighting, sustainable furniture and wellbeing-based environments also goes towards lessening our impact.

That said, as the office space continues to evolve, it can be tricky for organisations to predict their long-term office requirements based on projected business growth.

Should we rent our office furniture?

Renting furniture carries a whole heap of benefits compared to alternative options. You get to trial furniture, layouts and new ways of working without the long-term commitment and capital risk. You’ll also firmly support a circular economy that favours activities preserving energy, labour and materials.

We’ve outlined a few more ways that rental furniture can help tackle global challenges.

Sustainable Materials and Process

In the UK alone, over 22 million pieces of furniture are discarded each year, and most of it ends up in landfill. It takes 1,000 times more CO2 to produce new furniture instead of recycling or refurbishing and, often, it’s choosing quantity over quality.

Switching to a rental scheme means that it can be put back to use for someone else, and the quality of the furniture will be vastly superior.

This process is inherently sustainable in nature, and you really can’t do any better!

Waste reduction in Manufacturing

We’re predisposed to making purchases of essential products such as desks, chairs and other such necessary furniture. With high footfalls and a great deal of daily use, these items can have a short lifespan, particularly if they’re cheaply made and bought on a budget. As humans of habit, we simply discard and replace.

But businesses grow and adapt, so it can be difficult to make long-term choices for the office space. Renting furniture eliminates this issue immediately. When choosing to rent high-quality, durable products that have great longevity, you alleviate the necessity to buy cheap alternatives that ultimately end up in landfill.

Reduced transportation impact

According to IEA, transportation accounts for 37% of carbon emissions from end-use sectors in 2021, so the least carbon intensive travel options are actively encouraged.

The high turnaround of cheap furniture equates to an increase in overseas transportation needs, all of which has a higher environmental impact.

Renting high-quality furniture from within your home country is a pro-active and positive way of reducing these transportation emissions. It also means that you’re less likely to need quick replacements due to cheap, short-lived products.

Preservation of natural resources

From the early conception of ‘fast furniture’ manufacturing and resources such as energy, water and labour are used in high quantities. These high-turnover processes are also a key cause of toxic pollution and dangerous emissions. If factories can produce less products, but of a superior quality, the negative consequences will naturally begin to reduce.

Rental furniture allows for the use of fewer raw materials and natural resources within the production process. Sustainable and highly-durable materials ensure that a piece of furniture can be used by numerous owners throughout its lifespan. One piece can be rented numerous times and replace the production of 2 or 3 lower quality items.

Thinking of furniture rental?

The FluidSpace Flex rental scheme supports workspace flexibility.

As a subscription-based furniture rental scheme, it offers organisations the flexibility to increase or decrease furniture according to their ever-changing workspace. The added environmental benefits also give you peace of mind.

Our rental model positively impacts you in a whole host of ways including improved flexibility, short term options, capital release and tax benefits. With minimum rental terms starting from just three months, you can easily afford yourself the gifts of sustainability and flexibility.

Purchasing office furniture is so last year! Fancy finding out what really works in your office space without the long-term commitment and costs? Get in touch with us today.


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