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When Does Renting Office Furniture Make Commercial Sense?

Office furniture is an integral aspect of any office space. It moves beyond mere functionality

(particularly in the modern era!) and plays a vital role in the look, feel and identity of any

office design.

High-quality and aesthetically pleasing furniture doesn’t come cheap, but it’s not something

that we recommend you skimp on! For that reason, making the decision to rent office

furniture can be a much more commercially viable option. And it can even help protect the

Encourages business growth

Office spaces are changing rapidly, and businesses are becoming more flexible by the day.

The joy of subscription-based office furniture rental schemes is the support they offer for

maximum growth. You can comfortably free up capital whilst ensuring you remain up to date

with the ever-growing demands of your business and workforce.

Growth can also relate to the necessary tools required by any workforce such as

business grows, your furniture can easily evolve to suit your employee needs.

Works for every budget

Not every business can afford luxury furniture, but with today' modern flexible office design, uncomfortable furniture just won’t cut it.

More than ever before, employees have high expectations from their employers, and a

flexible design that boasts comfortable, attractive, and agile (often ergonomic!) furniture is

now a requisite.

Rental office furniture provides you this very luxury without the need to part with an

expensive lump sum. There’s even the option to increase and decrease quantities of

furniture at the touch of a button. Overall, your office furniture can be a low monthly cost as

opposed to a high capital investment with zero return.

Greater flexibility

Buying office furniture doesn’t always allow you the freedom and flexibility to make long

term decisions.

If there’s one thing that the pandemic taught us, it’s that the future of is unpredictable. We

saw businesses downsizing to accommodate for remote and hybrid working, and a vast

number of individuals choosing to seize the opportunity to depart their existing jobs and set

up new businesses.

In either circumstance, rental furniture offers tremendous benefits as rapid change can be

accommodated at no cost. If you’re a startup business aiming to conquer the world, rental

office furniture is the way forward!

With rental office furniture, you also have the added benefit of trying and testing to see what

really works in your office space without having to future-proof your design. If you suddenly

find that your employees are struggling to find a productive collaboration space, you can

incorporate an intelligent desking solution with ease. Or perhaps the seating isn’t quite

working for every body type – upgrade to ergonomic seating that has been extensively

researched to meet optimal comfort.


Improved productivity

Furniture is a major asset in terms of contributing to the comfort, culture and work ethic within any office space. Going for the cheaper furniture option might seem like a winning strategy but poorly made, uncomfortable furniture directly impacts employee motivation, creativity, well-being and productivity.

If you’re on a tight budget, we’d highly recommend that you rent rather than buy cheap

furniture. While it’s perfectly feasible to find pleasant-looking furniture that complements your

environment, you can’t compromise on comfort, function, durability and overall practicality.

Try not to forget that your team (and yourself possibly!) will be using this furniture every

single day.

If they’re winning – you’re winning!

Using an office furniture rental service helps to remove some of the stress caused by

having to do it all yourself.

We have curated catalogues of top-quality office furniture with a view to helping simplify the

selection process.

And with our rental service, you’ll be able to upgrade or downgrade your furniture whenever

you need, helping you remain flexible with the changing needs of your business.

FluidSpace has launched FluidSpace Flex™- a highly adaptable office furniture rental service that helps organisations to grow. We have a wide range of workplace furniture solutions available on short-term rental periods and long- term leases to help you meet the ever-growing demands of your office space.

Please feel free to get in touch and we’ll happily discuss your options.


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