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Office Furniture Rental.

The workplace is changing quickly and organisations have to change fast just to keep up.

We have launched FluidSpace Flex™ - a highly flexible subscription-based furniture rental service that helps organisations to grow.  We enable you to free up capital whilst keeping up to date with the ever-changing demands of the workforce. 


We have a wide range of furniture solutions available on short-term rental periods with the option to increase and decrease quantities of furniture  at the touch of a button. 


Make your furniture a low monthly running cost rather than a high capital investment with zero returns.

Why Rent Office Furniture?

Total Flexibility.

In a dynamic workplace, requirements change by the day and the hour. Teams change, staff are hired or redeployed.  With our flexible furniture subscription model, you can add and return furniture to suit your organisations changing needs.

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Capital Release.

By renting office furniture you are only paying for the use of the assets and not tying up any capital in fixed assets.  Why tie up money in expensive furniture pieces that may be redundant in a few months?

Tax Benefits.

Monthly rental payments are tax-deductible as a business operating expense, as opposed to high capital expenditure typically associated with office furniture procurement. This is a huge benefit of our office furniture subscription service that is often overlooked.

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Stay Ahead.

Keep up to date with the latest technology and workplace trends.  With our flexible furniture subscription model, you can easily and quickly upgrade to the furniture that suits your changing requirements without the expense of asset purchases.  

Test & Measure.

Unsure how new ways of working will affect your organisation?  The flexibility of furniture subscription allows you to trial pilot schemes and gather meaningful data on what really works without the high capital risk traditionally associated with workplace trials.

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How Does Furniture Rental Work?

In a Meeting

1. Choose Furniture.

Choose the furniture that you need for your current requirements.


2. Get a Quote

We’ll send you a quote including delivery & installation for all your furniture.

3. Delivery.

We’ll deliver and install your furniture at a time that suits you.

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4. Stay Fluid!

After your minimum 3 month period is up, you can keep renting, buy it outright, return or upgrade!

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Interested in furniture rental?

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