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How Much Does It Cost To Invest In An Office Pod?

With the number of benefits that office pods can present to a workspace, it’s probably of

little surprise to hear that we’re regularly asked for a quote. Many of these enquiries are from

clients that are restructuring their office space, changing location, seeking more flexible ways of working or enticing their workforce back to the office after working remotely for a lengthy period.

While it might seem incredibly efficient to have a generic price range, it isn’t quite that

straightforward, unfortunately. One thing we can tell you, however, is that buying an office

pod is a great investment in the long term.

Most office pod designs carry universal similarities in terms of their office-within-an-office

structure and flexibility, but there are numerous additions that can impact on an overall cost.

These can include acoustics, furniture, compliance, and a whole host of add-ons.

Investing in an office pod is a positive move for both employees and businesses with

benefits including noise reduction, confidentiality, and privacy. You can choose your own

configuration to suit your working space and they can easily relocate with you if you decide

to upgrade to a new office space.

Let’s look at what some of these considerations might be:


The size of your chosen office pod will be determined by your available space and will

impact total cost.

If you have a large busy commercial space, you might want to optimise the space with a

larger pod that can be used for several focussed, or collaborative needs. Large seated

pods that can accommodate 2-4 people for informal meetings or private conversations, with

desk and seating for efficient tasking are becoming ever-more popular additions to larger

plan spaces.

Looking for a bigger option? Flexible meeting rooms can feature up to six people and can

be adapted to suit your personal working needs.

Equally, if your core business involves remote video or conference calling, you may opt

for a solo pod that offers a more compact fit and keeps the cost down.

Solo booths are extremely popular in the current climate, particularly as employees seek a

bit of solitude away from noise disruptions. Standing room phone booths are also gaining

traction as a welcome reprieve from sitting at a desk for seven hours (though there are

seated options for slightly longer working periods).


Acoustic pods are one of the most requested choices from many of our clients. Open plan

offices have made an almighty comeback over the last few years, but so has the noise

pollution that they were renowned for. Office pods and booths have proven to be a saving

grace for employees worldwide looking to escape into a serene space to concentrate or

communicate more effectively. Though enclosed pods tend to be more popular, the use of

soft upholstery and carefully selected fabrics allow even open configurations to absorb

sound efficiently and create mini-escape havens in an otherwise busy office.

Top Tip- Most pods range from 20db to 45dB. A more optimal point lies around the 35dB

mark. This is due to improved concentration levels when an element of background noise is

present- silence tends to make staff feel uncomfortable!


Choosing the style of your next office pod can be the most exciting aspect of the selection

process. An enclosed option tends to be the most expensive due to their superior acoustic

performance and increased quantity of materials. If you’re keen to provide a private space

that is completely free of distractions, this is the best option.

Alternatively, you can choose campers and dens for an in-built environment, open fronted,

or open topped for an all-inclusive mobile workspace, and to add a bit of variety. They’re all

great choices for productive collaboration and employee interaction without impacting on the remaining office.


Furniture options will vary for each pod or booth. Certain pods will come with integrated

furniture and can only be customised with finishes. Some have a small table, others have

height-adjustable tables with integrated technology for flexible working. There’s even the

option to buy them empty and choose your own furniture configurations.

There’s really no fixed rule that determines what works best, the key is to ensure that you

pod contains the appropriate furniture and technology to best suit your workplace


For a creative agency where collaboration is key, for example, that could mean a

comfortable, open sided booth with effective acoustic properties. For a recruitment firm that

frequently conducts sensitive candidate interviews, an enclosed 4-person pod with

benching and soundproofing may be more suitable.

Optional add-ons

Just as when buying a new car, it’s often the add-ons that provide the boost to the original

price tag! Optional add-ons provide office pods with integrated lighting, temperature

control, power and data points to help facilitate varying working requirements. While these

can prove to be costly, they’re often necessary to accommodate the modern employee with

flexible work patterns.

In summary

Office pods are fast becoming an essential element of the flexible workspace, with options to suit every budget. With a level of customisable options, size and layout possibilities, plus a plethora of additional add-ons, finding the right pod for your space is often as individual as your business.

The most important thing is that your office pods meet the needs of your organisation and

people, making them as productive as possible. With a range of short and long-term

benefits, they’re a great investment for any thriving business.

Office pods from Fluid

Our wide range of office pods are perfect for focus spaces or meeting rooms where

flexibility and privacy are key. Pods and meeting booths are a fantastic way to create spaces where building office partitions would be challenging. From office phone booths for quick calls to acoustic meeting pods with fully integrated technology, we can assist you in

creating an exceptional workspace.

If you’re ready to take the plunge, make sure you speak to the experts first. That way you

can ensure you’re getting the most out of your investment!

And if you’re not ready to invest, why not try out our flexible rental scheme?

As a subscription-based furniture rental scheme, we offer organisations the flexibility to

increase or decrease furniture according to their ever-changing workspace. The added

environmental benefits also give you peace of mind.

Our rental model positively impacts you in a whole host of ways including improved flexibility, short term options, capital release and tax benefits. With minimum rental terms starting from just six months, you can easily afford yourself the gifts of sustainability and flexibility.

Are you keen to find out more about soundproofed office furniture investments and rental?

Get in touch with us today.

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