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Are We All Back In The Office Yet?

How furniture design can entice workers back into your workspace.

While flexible working patterns have become a saviour in many ways for employees, the

benefits of remote working have become just a bit too appealing. For businesses, it can be

quite a push to get employees back into the office.

With a third of employees stating that they’d quit if asked to return to the office on a full-

time basis, the struggle is real. There’s no replacement for real life collaboration and in-

person interaction, so it’s become quite the tug-of-war to gain some control of flexibility

patterns whilst ensuring that the workforce retain a high level of job satisfaction.

Entice your team back with an office design that they can’t resist being a part of.

Multi-use spaces

First word of advice; ditch the traditional office layout and bring your workspace to life by

transforming the environment into one that is more human-centric, agile and

While you absolutely-do-not-need any construction work or a massive refurb, the structure of your office design needs to cater for every employee and their individual requirements.

That means a variety of individualised spaces so employees can choose where they want to

work throughout the day.

You can’t put a price on the value of office furniture such as office pods and zoning

furniture for creating smaller spaces where building office partitions might be challenging.

While the remaining workforce are hard at work, office pods can be used for collaboration,

team meetings, private phone or video calls, or simply some solitude for more focused

work where soundproofing is essential.

Add a wide range of s eating options from height adjustable desking to poseur height

collaborative benches equipped with power so that staff can move freely around the office.

Flexibility equates to freedom, so providing an array of agile furniture choices eliminates

that humdrum ‘office feeling’. Turn the daily grind into a riveting lifestyle that exhilarates any


Wellbeing focus

Human beings are social creatures (whether they choose to believe it or not!) and benefit

greatly from interaction.

Breakout areas are great for enticing your team back to work as they provide a bit of

escapism, a good natter and a soothing cuppa! (Something stronger after hours, perhaps!)

A breakout area is the one place that allows you artistic license, so dare yourself to be bold

and incorporate bright colours and eye-catching prints to bring tired walls to life!

With noise being one of the biggest stress-triggers in an office, soundproofing is a must.

Acoustic furniture can come in many forms including modular systems, booths or

acoustic pods. They’ll allow your workforce to block the world out for a while and relax in a

mini haven of tranquillity. If you want something quirky yet functional, try a soundproofed

design feature that can bring new life to open spaces.

Look after the wellbeing of your workforce and the rest will follow.

Comfy furniture

If you’re looking to replicate the comfort associated with remote working, you might think

you’ve got a tough task ahead.

You haven’t! Office furniture has come on leaps and bounds, and Resimercial furniture that

takes inspiration from the home, has become quite the trend thanks to the evolution of

flexible working. Ergonomic chairs provide optimal comfort whilst keeping aches and pains

at bay, while collaboration or breakout areas can benefit from beautifully crafted armchairs

and sofas that employees can simply sink into.

Incorporate height adjustable standing desks for moments when workloads are high.

They’re a great way of adjusting body positions after being sedentary for long periods of


Top tip! Allow natural light to flow where possible, incorporate biophilia to your hearts

content! The more homely the office feels, the more enticing it’ll be to your team.

Have we tempted you?

We hope so! Investing in attractive and functional office furniture is highly cost effective.

You’re choosing quality over quantity and making smart choices.

A well-planned and intelligent workspace will promote creativity, collaboration and wellbeing, and it’s the greatest option for getting your workforce back into the office.

FluidSpace office furniture is cost-effective with options for both purchase and rental

Struggling to get your workforce back? Let the team at FluidSpace help and its child’s play!

We’d love to hear from you, so please get in touch.


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