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5 Key Considerations when Choosing an Office Pod

Arguably, one of the biggest downsides to working in an office is excessive noise and lack of privacy. Large strides have been taken to address this issue with modern, flexible office arrangements, but an open plan office is always going to be subject to increased sound levels.

Many offices are fixing these issues with private working areas where workers can focus without interruption. Office pods, in particular tick all the boxes, as they’re minimalist, convenient, cost-effective and can retain the utmost privacy in the middle of a buzzing office!

Here are 5 key considerations when choosing your perfect office pod.

1. Acoustics

One of the key reasons you’re making the investment in an office pod is to ensure soundproofing. Ensure that your chosen office pod provides an effective acoustic solution to ensure an undisturbed and productive working environment for users.

You can choose between pods that are ideal for private work or pods that are utilised for phone or video calls. Either way, they’re both packed with leading sound insulation standards and are private without being confined or isolated.

2. Function

Office pods vary greatly in their functionality. Some are designed for one-person phone or video calls while others can seat up to six people for private collaboration or brainstorming sessions. The requirements of your business will dictate what you ultimately need.

Longer video calls may require a solo office pod that provides a bit of extra comfort; multiple-user pods work to ensure that sound is kept both inside and outside the pod for minimal disruption. You can even opt for a soundproofed meeting room pod for the perfect cosy environment.

The primary factor is that everyone can work peacefully without having to compromise on sound levels.

3. Design

Once you’ve decided on functionality requirements, you can start to consider the overall design. Office pods are usually portable in nature which means that they can be moved around the office to suit your needs. With that in mind, it’s always useful to consider the space that might house your office pod.

Most modern office pods provide design-led aesthetics, but you can opt for colours, sizes and designs that best suit your existing office space.

It’s up to you how luxurious you want to go, but there are options for mobile device designs with beautifully upholstered walls, large flat panels, soft rounded corners and optimal comfort.

Choose to be as daring as you want; you might even opt for a London phone box!

4. Ventilation

Soundproof pods rely on some sort of ventilation to control the temperature and keep things smelling pleasant! Users will appreciate the option of being able to adjust the air flow according to their personal preferences.

As long as the pods ventilation runs constantly, the interior will remain crisp and fresh with new air from the office space each time it is in use.

Make sure that you choose a pod with advanced ventilation options or motion sensor activation.

5. Portability

Most pods are portable in nature but it’s always worth double-checking before you make your purchase.

The reason they’re such a profitable investment lies in their overall versatility; the ability to relocate them with ease while negating the requirement for construction work. Take a pod with you anywhere and you instantly have your flexible and adaptable private phone space or meeting room!

Look out for built in rollers for easy relocation or hidden glides for easy reconfiguration.

Feel inspired?

Office pods are unique, modern and versatile solutions that work for every office space, in any sector. They’re also a great option for hybrid working models.

Whether you’re interested in purchasing a pod for your office space, or seeking a subscription based office furniture solution to keep your options open, Fluid Furniture has a number of cost-efficient options available for both buying and renting.

Contact us!

We’d love to discuss your flexible office requirements so please get in touch with a member of the Fluid team.


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