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Wise Payments - A Powerful Workspace Transformation with Office Pods 

Located in Shoreditch, London, the Tea Building is home to Wise Payments- a company that values innovation. 


They approached Fluid to cater to their changing workforce needs.  


The challenge was to create private video conferencing spaces without incurring the expensive cost of constructing new rooms.  

Wise Payments Fluid's Project

Our Solution 

We suggested a creative solution to the problem - renting 17 office pods with our FluidSpace Flex™ service.  


These modular units are designed to provide flexibility and functionality and can be easily adapted to meet the needs of Wise Payments.  


We managed the entire process, from installation to customisation, ensuring a tailored solution that aligns with Wise Payments' vision. 


Wise Payments Fluid's Project


Our implementation minimised disruption, and the pods' versatility optimised space utilisation.  


The project was completed promptly, showcasing our commitment to quality and timely delivery. 


Wise Payments Fluid's Project

By embracing our innovative furniture solutions, Wise Payments gained a competitive edge, fostering collaboration, innovation, and employee well-being in their workspace.  


Fluid continues to be Wise Payments' trusted partner as Shoreditch's landscape evolves, shaping the future of workspaces. 


Are you looking for cost-effective and innovative approaches to upgrade your workspace? Get in touch with us




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