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A Flexible Solution for Manchester United

We are excited to share our recent collaboration with Manchester United Football Club, located at the heart of London's King's Cross.  


We have successfully completed a significant project for their temporary office space, providing a tailored solution that meets the needs of MUFC.  


Read on to learn more about how we stepped up to the challenge. 


Manchester United's Office Refurbishment

Project Overview 

Manchester United Football Club recently underwent a significant renovation of their London offices.  


As part of this refurbishment, the club moved to a Fora serviced office in King's Cross.  


The primary requirement for the new office was the availability of quiet spaces for meetings and focused work to facilitate their operations. 


Our Contribution 

We recognised that MUFC had specific requirements for their project. To meet their needs for private meetings and focus areas, we introduced our FluidSpace Flex™ rental service. 


Our service offers pods that are perfectly suited for the club's needs. Through this solution, MUFC was able to enjoy high-quality furniture without the commitment of ownership.  


Additionally, the rental service allowed them to return the pods when they were no longer needed. 


Manchester United's Office Refurbishment

Challenges and Highlights 

During the project, one main challenge was aligning the furniture solution with MUFC's specific requirements while keeping it within their budget constraints.  


To address this challenge, we offered a rental service that helped MUFC save up to 70% compared to purchasing the pods outright. 


The project duration was marked by seamless coordination between Fluid and Manchester United, ensuring timely delivery and setup of the pods.  


This efficiency enabled MUFC to focus on their core activities without any disruptions caused by furniture procurement and installation. 


Furniture Used 

Our FluidSpace Flex™ rental service provided them with the Torus L acoustic pods, which were tailored to their specific requirements.  


These pods offered the necessary privacy and functionality required for meetings and focused work.  


The pods contributed to a conducive work environment for the club's employees. 

Manchester United's Office Refurbishment

Value and Impact 

Manchester United Football Club was able to save a considerable amount of money on initial costs by choosing our rental service.  


Moreover, the flexibility offered by this solution enabled the club to adjust as per their changing requirements.  


This cost-effective and flexible approach helped MUFC allocate their resources efficiently and get the most out of their office refurbishment project. 



Fluid's collaboration with Manchester United Football Club showcases our commitment to delivering innovative and customised solutions that are adjusted to the diverse needs of our clients.  


Our flexible rental service not only addressed MUFC's immediate furniture requirements but also provided a sustainable and cost-effective solution for their temporary office relocation. 


As Manchester United continues to thrive in their newly renovated office space, we remain ready to support them with any of their future furniture needs, ensuring that they can concentrate on their goals. 


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