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Temporary Office Solutions for Cirque Furniture's High-Profile Project 

In the heart of Paddington, London, Cirque collaborated with a well-known media group to refurbish their office and needed pods for privacy while their new office was being prepared.  


Cirque Furniture turned to Fluid for a solution. Here's how we stepped in to support Cirque Furniture through this project. 


Cirque Furniture's Office Refurbishment - Project

Project Overview 

Cirque Furniture is a primary provider of innovative office solutions that teamed up with a prestigious media group for an extensive office refurbishment project in Paddington, London.  


During this project, the media group needed temporary privacy spaces to ensure productivity and confidentiality while their new office was under construction. 


Fluid's Contribution 

We understood Cirque Furniture's project's urgency and unique requirements and offered our FluidSpace Flex™ rental scheme to provide temporary pods as privacy spaces.  


This flexible solution allowed the media group to maintain workflow efficiency and confidentiality without committing to permanent fixtures during that period. 


Cirque Furniture's Office Refurbishment - Project


Challenges and Highlights 

During the project, one major challenge was ensuring that the temporary privacy spaces were seamlessly integrated into the existing office layout. 


Because of that, we used our expertise in space planning and installation and strategically placed the pods to optimise workflow and privacy for the employees. 


The project had a strict timeline and required efficient coordination between Cirque Furniture and Fluid. Despite the tight schedules, we delivered and installed the pods efficiently, minimising disruptions to their operations. 


Products Used 

Fluid's rental scheme provided temporary soundproof pods to Cirque Furniture and their client. These were the Tores S pods designed to offer privacy and functionality required for meetings, focus work, and confidential discussions.  


They were seamlessly integrated into the office environment, ensuring comfort and productivity for their workforce. 


Value and Testimonial 


Cirque Furniture's Office Refurbishment - Project

Our collaboration with Cirque Furniture demonstrates Fluid’s commitment to providing innovative and flexible solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients.  Cirque Furniture's Managing Director, Harry Hale, expressed his satisfaction with Fluid's services, stating, "Great work, thanks!"  


By offering temporary privacy spaces through our rental scheme, we enabled the media group to maintain productivity and confidentiality during their office refurbishment. 


As Cirque Furniture redefines office spaces with its cutting-edge solutions, Fluid remains dedicated to supporting them and their clients with tailored, efficient, and high-quality services. 


We offer both temporary and long-lasting solutions for any workspace. Get in touch today to find out more. 


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