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Fluid's Successful Project at Mercedes Benz HQ 

The success of any workspace transformation depends on achieving the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics. This balance is even more important for iconic brands like Mercedes Benz, which is committed to excellence in every aspect of its operations. 


We recently had the opportunity to be a part of this commitment by contributing to a project at Mercedes Benz HQ in Milton Keynes - the project aimed to enhance the collaborative experience while preserving the brand's unique identity. 


Mercedes Benz HQ workspace transformation

Project Outline 

Our involvement in the Mercedes Benz project focused on providing and installing ten advanced 4-person Fence sofa booths for their atrium space.  


We carefully selected these contemporary sofa booths to promote collaboration, creativity, and ease for employees, perfectly aligning with Mercedes Benz's goal of creating a dynamic and innovative workspace. 


Challenges and Solutions

During the project, one of the main challenges was minimising disruption to the headquarters' ongoing operations. We addressed this issue by meticulously planning the installation to be conducted after hours. This ensured a smooth transition without interrupting the daily workflow of the employees. 


Additionally, the project required collecting and recycling existing furniture, which added another layer of complexity to the endeavour. We demonstrated our commitment to sustainability and efficiency by managing the disposal process with minimal environmental impact. We also seamlessly integrated the new installations. 

Mercedes Benz HQ workspace transformation

Highlights and Achievements 

Our team at Fluid delivered exceptional results with efficiency and professionalism despite the tight deadline imposed by the upcoming Christmas shutdowns. The project required ultra-careful coordination and execution, but we accepted the challenge and completed the installation on time for the New Year.  


The client was impressed with the successful implementation of the project. Jacqui Furneaux, Deputy Facilities Manager at Mercedes Benz HQ, praised Fluid for our speedy turnaround and impeccable work quality. This positive feedback is a testament to our dedication to exceeding client expectations and delivering tangible results that align with our vision. 



"The meeting pods have all been installed and are looking great; we are very pleased with them. Thank you to you and your team for a speedy turnaround," said Jacqui Furneaux, Deputy Facilities Manager, Mercedes Benz. 


Mercedes Benz HQ workspace transformation

Our partnership with Mercedes Benz is an excellent example of how strategic workspace design can bring about transformation. We achieved this success by combining innovative solutions with precise project management, exceeding our client's expectations.  


As Mercedes Benz continues to push the boundaries of innovation and excellence, Fluid remains committed to supporting its journey by creating dynamic workspaces that inspire collaboration, productivity, and success. 


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