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The Most Impressive Office Reception Furniture

First impressions matter!

To create an inviting and stylish reception for your business, choose the right furniture that reflects your brand, professionalism and aesthetic.

Battersea Reception Furniture from Fluid

Discover our top picks for impressive reception furniture below:



Light Reception Funriture from Fluid

The Light reception desk brings your reception area to life, becoming the heart of your office's entrance. The Light desk can be customised to include your company logo, reinforcing your brand identity from the moment visitors walk in, creating a memorable experience.


Key features:


  • Customisable finishes and sizes - Select from various standard options, or let our design team create something unique for your space.

  • Elegant design - Combines functionality with a unique, modern look.

  • Logo integration - Option to add your company logo or graphics for a personalised touch.



Avi Reception Furniture from Fluid

Avi seating reflects a core belief that great design is essential for contemporary office spaces. This collection offers a high level of privacy for employees in open-plan areas because of its two back options: low and high. The Avi range is complemented by occasional tables in various standard finishes, making it a versatile addition to any reception area.




  • Privacy options - Choose between low and high-back options to suit your office layout.

  • Colourful finishes - Available in multiple finishes to match your office design.


The Avi seating range is perfect for creating a sophisticated and functional reception area that prioritises visitors’ and employees’ privacy.



Battersea Reception Furniture from Fluid

The Battersea modular sofa is a modern take on the classic Chesterfield. This sofa is elegant and comfortable, and its distinctive rolled arms, low back style, and deep buttoned back and arms give it a timeless charm. The firm yet comfortable foam padding relaxes visitors and clients while waiting.


Key characteristics:


  • Modular style  - Allows for unlimited configurations to fit any space.

  • Versatility - Available as an armchair, two-seat, or three-seat sofa.

  • Customisation - Choose from a wide range of fabric and leather finishes.

  • Deep buttoned back detail - Adds a touch of sophistication.


This sofa improves office aesthetics while offering practical comfort and flexibility.


The Flexibility of FluidSpace Flex


One of the biggest advantages of choosing these impressive pieces for your reception area is the flexibility offered with FluidSpace Flex. Rent in a monthly subscription instead of purchasing new furniture. This gives you the freedom to change your mind or refresh your office's style as regularly as you'd like without worrying about normal wear and tear. This method is excellent for companies who scale up fast, are planning to rebrand, or want a dynamic work environment without long-term furniture commitments.


FluidSpace Flex provides a cost-effective and convenient solution!


Choosing the right furniture for your office reception must be thoughtful, it's your company’s face and needs to create a welcoming and professional first impression.


All our reception furniture picks are comfortable and convenient, making them a top choice.

And, with FluidSpace Flex, you gain the added benefit of flexibility, ensuring that your reception area always looks great and can evolve along with your business.


For help with your office’s design or any questions, contact us today! 


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