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The Revolution of Zoning Furniture in Modern Workspaces 

The design of modern workplaces is constantly changing, and zoned areas is one of the latest innovations driving this change.  


At Fluid, we have fully integrated this concept into our FluidSpace™ design service, offering a wide range of zoning furniture.  


Let's take a closer look at why zoning furniture became popular and how it is changing the way we work.  


Why the Need for Zoning Furniture? 


Over the past few years, open-plan offices have become increasingly popular and have changed how we think about workplace layouts.  


While they promote collaboration and adaptability, they can also pose privacy, focus, productivity, and space planning challenges. This has highlighted the need for innovative solutions to balance open spaces and functionality.  


This is where zoning furniture comes in - a revolutionary concept designed to meet the demands of modern workspaces. Zoning furniture includes a range of adaptable furnishings that can create distinct areas within an open-plan office, making your office suitable for various tasks, work styles, and preferences.  


From collaborative pods to private workstations, zoning furniture offers a versatile solution to the dynamic needs of today's workplaces. 


Keep on reading to explore Fluid's zoning furniture.

Outstanding Zoning Furniture Solutions 


Our zoning furniture pieces exemplify our commitment to functionality, aesthetics, and employee well-being without the need to construct fixed office partitions. 



Awnings are a stylish and contemporary way to create partially enclosed areas within open-plan offices.  


These modular units have curved panels extending overhead, providing visual and acoustic privacy without completely sealing off the space.  


They are perfect for creating comfortable meeting spaces or peaceful areas for focused work, which can enhance productivity and comfort in the workplace. 

Awnings Zoning Furniture



Bamboo zoning furniture offers a sustainable and stylish option for dividing open spaces and creating functional zones within the office environment.  


These partitions are crafted using sustainable bamboo materials, providing a natural look and effectively dividing different workspace areas. In addition to their role as dividers, these units serve dual purposes, functioning as both storage and decorative elements.  


Whether used to organise office supplies, display plants, or showcase decorative items, they add versatility to modern office designs. 

Bamboo Storage units



Arc is a family of mobile acoustic room dividers.  


With its multi-functional features, Arc is an active component in the contemporary workplace, allowing the user to quickly create ad-hoc agile and flexible spaces. 

Arc acoustic room dividers


Fabricks is a modular system that can be used to create functional environments in open spaces. These innovative acoustic tiles offer stylish solutions for reducing noise levels and ensuring privacy. With endless configuration possibilities, Fabricks provides customised partitions and dividers that can be tailored to any workspace. 

Fabricks modular dividers


Explore all zoning furniture options here. 



The evolution of zoning furniture has transformed modern workspaces, with Fluid leading the way. Fluid offers innovative solutions that prioritise flexibility, collaboration, and employee well-being, empowering organisations to create dynamic, functional, and inspiring office environments.  


Fluid is committed to driving innovation and shaping the future of office design. Its zoning furniture revolutionises office spaces, making them more efficient and enjoyable for everyone. 


If you would like to transform your workspace with innovative furniture solutions, get in touch with us today


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