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Reception Furniture

The reception is the key to creating that first impression for your workspace.  Science tells us that we form our first impressions within about seven seconds, so it is critical that your reception tells the story of your brand as effectively as possible.  View our range of reception furniture from bold reception desks to luxurious reception seating to relax in you whilst you wait.

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Reception Furniture

Showcase your brand and company personality with design-led reception furniture.  Why not use an elegant reception desk as the focal point of your reception area, giving visitors a unique and welcoming experience.  

An office reception desk is often the first thing that visitors see when they enter your office so make sure it gives the right message.  Short on space?  Use a concierge-style reception desk with a built-in touchscreen so guests can check in themselves.

A well-designed reception area with a distinct layout, style and a welcoming atmosphere provides a first impression of what your guests can expect. Where better to start than with comfortable office reception seating? Welcome your guests with our collection of reception area chairs to suit your design and your budget.

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