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How to Use Office Pods for Better Space Utilisation

Office pods can upgrade your workspace, for better space utilisation, improved employee productivity and wellbeing, and increased operational efficiency.

What Is an Office Pod?


An office pod is a versatile, self-contained unit designed to provide a quiet and private space within busy offices, especially in open-plan spaces.


Pods are available in various sizes, from single-person booths to larger meeting rooms. They are equipped with soundproofed walls, ventilation, and integrated technologies, making them perfect for focused work, phone calls, or private meetings.


A New Era in Office Space Utilisation


Recent studies show that as businesses transitioned to hybrid working models after the pandemic, office spaces are only being utilised at 50-60% capacity compared to pre-pandemic levels.

This lack of proper utilisation is a reminder for business owners to find a balance in their office furniture.

Rethink your office layout to ensure that any extra space is used effectively and efficiently, meeting the new working standards.

Benefits of Office Pods



Office pods offer a quiet and peaceful space away from the noise and distractions of an open-plan office that uses only traditional furniture, making them ideal for confidential conversations, focused tasks, or important meetings.


Flexible Space Utilisation

Unlike permanent structures and built-up walls, office pods can be moved and reconfigured as needed, allowing businesses to adapt their space to changing requirements.


Boosted Productivity

Office pods can significantly improve productivity and work quality by providing employees with a dedicated space to concentrate and brainstorm freely.


Modern Aesthetic

Our office pods come in elegant, contemporary, and customisable designs that can improve your office’s aesthetics and add a modern and unique touch to it.


Implementing Office Pods


Assess Your Needs

Determine what types of daily activities will benefit most from these dedicated spaces. Common uses include phone calls, video conferences, group meetings, brainstorming sessions, and individual focused work. The configurations of each pod can vary based on your needs.


Choose the Right Pod Size

Office pods come in various sizes. Single-person pods are perfect for phone calls and focused work, while larger pods can accommodate meetings and teamwork. Evaluate your typical usage scenarios to select the most appropriate sizes.


Strategic Placement

Position pods in areas that maximise accessibility and minimise disruption. Place phone booths near open work areas to provide quick access, and meeting pods closer to busy areas for spontaneous discussions and easy access on moments you're looking for a quick escape.


Consider Acoustics

High-quality office pods should offer excellent acoustic insulation, creating a quiet, private shelter for employees. Choose from our soundproofing pod range.

Leverage Technology

Choose office pods with built-in technology such as power outlets, USB ports, and video conferencing equipment. This makes them more versatile and user-friendly, encouraging frequent use.


Office Efficiency

Educate your team on the benefits of using office pods and encourage them to utilise these spaces. Regular usage will help realise the full potential, including improved productivity rates.


Regularly assess how the pods are being used and adjust as needed for their maximum potential. If a particular pod is underutilised, consider relocating it to a more convenient spot or repurposing it for different activities.


Office pods work best when integrated strategically within open-plan offices. They provide the perfect balance between collaboration and privacy, enhancing the overall functionality of any workspace.


Use larger office pods as collaboration hubs where teams can brainstorm without disturbing others. This approach ensures that open-plan areas remain dynamic while still offering quiet zones.


Considering that offices are now underutilised, office pods offer a flexible solution to make the most of the available space.


Choosing to rent office pods for a set period gives you extra flexibility. In this case, after your rental period is over, if no longer needed, they can be easily returned, or if you need smaller or bigger ones, we can easily upgrade them for you.


Pods can be relocated or reconfigured based on business needs, ensuring that every square foot is effectively used. This flexibility helps businesses adapt to the fluctuating occupancy rates and hybrid work schedules, providing the right balance between collaborative and individual workspaces. They also save money as you can rent smaller offices and still have private areas for everyone!


Office pods are versatile furniture with countless benefits for you, your employees, and your business; whether you prefer to purchase new or used, or rent, the choice is yours!


Ready to improve your workspace efficiency? Find more about us and get in touch!


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