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The Advantages Of Renting Office Furniture

Furnishing your office shouldn’t be a hassle, and it definitely shouldn’t feel like a lifetime commitment!

In today’s fast-moving world, trends come and go faster than ever. So why get stuck with office furniture that might not suit your style or needs next year? That’s where we come in.

Introducing FluidSpace Flex™ - our innovative approach to office furniture that offers flexibility and agility. 

With FluidSpace Flex™, you can forget the hassle of purchasing furniture outright. Instead, you can rent it for as long as you need it and switch it up whenever you desire.

This approach offers a great deal of flexibility and sustainability to your workspace, and also comes with some useful tax benefits.

You will no longer have to spend a large amount of money on furniture that might not even fit your space after a few months!

Let's explore some of the smart benefits of rental office furniture below.

Inherently Sustainable

In today's world, where sustainability is becoming a primary concern, opting for a rental model for office furniture is a responsible choice. By participating in our rental scheme, you can contribute positively towards a circular economy by extending the furniture lifespan and reducing waste.


sustainability - forest with trees

Did you know that in the UK alone, over 22 million pieces of furniture are discarded each year, and the majority of these end up in landfills?


With our rental service, you can enjoy stylish and functional workspace solutions while significantly minimising your environmental footprint.

Total Flexibility

FluidSpace Flex™ provides the ultimate flexibility for your office furniture needs.


Our rental model can help you adjust your furniture inventory effortlessly to align with your organisation's evolving requirements.


framery four - acoustic booth for offices

Are you thinking of either scaling up your team or downsizing? 


Our rental solution allows you to add or return furniture whenever needed!


Capital Release


Why tie up your valuable capital in fixed assets when you can allocate it more strategically?


Opting to rent office furniture will enable you to free up capital that can be invested back into your business.


With our rental scheme, you only pay for what you utilise, freeing up funds for crucial investments in growth and innovation.


Tax Benefits


FluidSpace Flex™ can help you maximise your tax savings. Unlike large capital expenditures associated with purchasing office furniture outright, our rental furniture service counts as a fully tax-deductible operating expense.


tax benefits - graphs and an agenda

This means you can enjoy significant tax relief while optimising your workspace for productivity, comfort, and style.


Test & Measure


Are you interested in knowing how hybrid work models could affect your organisation?

Our rental service enables you to experiment with various office setups without the risk of investing large sums of money.


Why not try a test on how office booths could help improve your team's productivity?


Our flexible rental terms enable you to conduct pilot schemes and gather valuable insights to help make informed decisions about your workspace strategy, without the commitment of buying.


Acoustic Pod Rental for Exhibitions & Events


In addition to our office furniture rental scheme, we also provide an exclusive selection of acoustic meeting pods and booths for short-term rental, from only 5 days, at competitive prices for exhibitions and events.


mya acoustic pods - office pods

These pods are perfect for creating a quiet space in open areas. They will enhance your exhibition experience by providing a private area for phone calls, video calls, or meetings with potential clients, customers, and partners.


You can also use this as a business expense and deduct it from your tax while you make a lasting impression.


Make the most of your office and unlock smart savings by choosing FluidSpace Flex™. The future of office furniture is already here.


Don’t wait any longer to transform your workspace into a dynamic, flexible, and sustainable environment tailored to your preferences and needs!


Contact us for more information, questions, or advice.


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