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Welcoming Framery Smart Pods: The Most Innovative Office Pods

Fluid is excited to introduce Framery Smart Pods! 


These smart pods are nothing like previous acoustic pods, they offer superior user experience, sustainability, and affordability compared to previous models, making a game-changing innovation in office setups.


As leaders in the furniture industry, we are always looking for new-generation smart pods that can simplify employees’ workdays and boost productivity.  


That's why we are introducing Framery Smart Pods: to enhance your office’s privacy while keeping connected based on user preferences. These smart pods are equipped with advanced technology that is seamlessly integrated, making them an excellent choice if you want a dynamic yet cost-effective workspace. 


Creating Flexible & Sustainable Office Setups 


The demand for comfortable, flexible, and sustainable spaces has increased due to the recent trend towards remote work, digital integration, and sustainability, which has caused a revolution in office environments. This shift highlights the importance of innovative solutions that can keep up with the needs of modern workstyles. 


After the success of Framery One, the newest Framery provides a significant advancement in technology and sustainability. 


With user experience and workplace efficiency as priorities, our commitment is always to bring innovation and promote sustainability, reshaping office design for healthier employees and a better future. 


Let’s discover Framery in more detail. 


Discovering Framery Smart Pods 


The newest Framery range perfectly integrates modern technologies without compromising on quality and comfort. 


These smart pods offer adaptive airflow, pre-set lighting modes for virtual calls and focus work, and automatic over-the-air software updates due to their 4G connection. They also have improved presence sensing technology and adaptive ventilation for better user experience, creating unique experiences. 


And, of course, they come with integrated acoustic panels for advanced noise reduction. 


Furthermore, users can control the settings based on their preferences on a high-resolution 8-inch touchscreen panel. Finally, the best part is that the new pods can be synchronised with the broader office via the Framery technology suite, which includes Framery Connect sensors that can be added to existing workspaces (pods or traditional meeting rooms), Connect analytics and the Framery App. 

Adding Extra Workspace Flexibility  


To ensure flexibility, each pod is highly customisable, with more than 3,000 possible colour combinations and the option to upgrade technology, furniture, and materials as required. 


Framery’s over-the-air software updates ensure that all customers’ pods are constantly updated with the latest enhancements, keeping them at the forefront of workplace innovation. 



Our smart pods represent a revolutionary change in office design, offering unparalleled flexibility, sustainability, and user-centric features. By introducing these advanced pods, we are taking the lead in creating high-performance workspaces that cater to employees' modern needs. 


If you’re looking to revolutionise your workspace with the best in the market office pods -  get in touch with us today.  



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