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Framery Office Pods & Booths

Introducing Framery – the ideal choice to increase office productivity. If you're looking for a solution to optimise workspace comfort and concentration levels, then look no further. Framery soundproof pods provide personal working areas and a dynamic range of effective solutions for your office space.

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Framery - The World's Leading Soundproof Pods & Booths

According to research by the University of Sydney, more than 50% of people have difficulty focusing in an open-plan office. With renting or buying options, Framery pods provide a private and quite environment, allowing employees to concentrate and work productively. Presently trusted by 40% of Forbes 100 companies such as Microsoft, Puma, and Tesla, you can depend on Framery pods to aid your business to achieve success.


Whether it’s hosting meetings or a quiet area for solo working, there is a Framery pod solution for any workspace need. Featuring an award-winning modern design and soundproofing technology, these pods are designed to integrate harmoniously into any office while occupying minimal space. Available to rent or buy in a variety of sizes and designs, explore all four Framery pod options to discover the ideal solution for optimising your workspace.

Framery One is an advanced pod for one providing a highly adaptable workspace that has been engineered to let you focus on your work and connect online with people anywhere.

Framery O is the classic office phone booth that delivers leading sound insulation standards and echo-free acoustics, provides a comfortable working environment for one.

Framery Q office pod is a multifunctional, soundproof space for 1-4 people, ideal for meetings and important conversations.

Framery 2Q meeting pod is designed for 4-6 people, the ideal place to co-create, brainstorm and meet together.

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