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Our Top Picks from Clerkenwell Design Week

Clerkenwell Design Week (CDW) was a great opportunity to meet many furniture suppliers and discover new office furniture picks. What really impressed us was the widespread commitment to sustainability and circular economy.

Here are the top 5 office furniture pieces that really stood out to us:  

Puffa by Frovi


Puffa - Frovi

The inspiration behind Puffa stems from the fusion of timeless fashion aesthetics with functional furniture design. Drawing from the warmth, cosiness, and comfort associated with puffa jackets, Frovi has crafted an armchair that can adapt to various settings, offering a versatile seating solution.

Through meticulous prototyping, Frovi refined the design to minimise its carbon footprint while maximising its appeal and functionality. The armchair features a spacious, flexible quilted hood, mimicking the comforting sensation of wrapping oneself in quilted textiles for warmth and relaxation.

Eden by Boss Design


Eden - Boss Design

The Eden pod system is designed with a strong commitment to sustainability and circular economy principles. It aims to engage the senses with a human-centric design focusing on visual, aural, and tactile elements. The system offers four different pod sizes, ranging from individual focus pods to larger meeting spaces that can accommodate up to six people. This flexibility allows it to meet various functional and design needs.

Additionally, each unit can be customised with lounge furnishings, such as the Beau, which is Boss Design’s modular lounge system. This addition enhances the appeal of informal meeting and social spaces with its generous proportions and high-comfort design. 

Millie by Sixteen3


Millie _ sixteen3

Millie is a versatile shelving range designed to be effortlessly simple, mirroring the aesthetic of Frovi's Milo table collection. Its sleek lines and design make Millie easily integrate into any space, whether as a console table against a wall or as a striking standalone shelf.


The Millie units offer a high level of versatility. They can be arranged side by side for a cohesive shelving solution, or used as room dividers to outline open spaces, catering to a variety of office layout needs. They can be mixed and matched with different heights to create depth and add character to your office space. For those needing additional storage and a tailored look, Millie offers cupboard base options that enhance versatility and functionality.


Jaxx by Moventi

Jaxx _ Moventi

Jaxx is a mobile and height-adjustable table system designed to facilitate collaboration in any workspace. It has been created to add versatility to busy workplaces.


Jaxx operates on battery power, freeing you from the need for a mains supply. That means you can work wherever you want any time. Finally, its sturdy under-frame provides stability, while the range of finish options allows for smooth integration into any office design, accommodating diverse aesthetic preferences.


HushSpot by Hush Office

hushSpot - Hushoffice

HushSpot is a modern multi-station hot-desking table, ideal for flexible workspaces. It has all the necessary extras for effective and comfortable work, such as power sockets, organisers, plant space, and LED lighting, making it perfect for teams adapting to hybrid work setups. This collaborative bench optimises office spaces while fostering teamwork. Its universal design and ergonomic features support both group collaboration and individual work, making it a fantastic addition to any office layout.


After CDW we feel inspired and encouraged with the  diverse range of sustainable products and designs.

We’re looking forward to collaborating with more suppliers who care about our environment in a collective effort for a greener future, and we're excited to see how all these products will shape the future of workspace design.

Visit our site to explore all our furniture from hundreds trustworthy suppliers and contact us for any upcoming projects.


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