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How to Increase Collaboration in the office

Collaboration is an essential component of the modern workplace, but have you considered the role of furniture in encouraging employee collaboration? 

Successful organisations understand that incorporating collaborative furniture and creating collaboration dedicated areas can improve creativity, productivity, and efficiency.

office setups for collaboration

In this blog post, we’ll share some examples of unique collaborative furniture that can improve operational efficiency and bring team members together.

But first, let’s understand what is needed for effective collaboration. 

The Three Cs of Collaboration

Have you heard of the foundation pillars of effective collaboration in the workspace? Communication, collaboration, and coordination. 

Communication: Team members should be able to communicate efficiently by asking questions, providing answers, offering guidance, and giving context. Furniture that promotes easy interaction can significantly improve communication, leading to more effective problem-solving, brainstorming, and creative thinking among colleagues. 

Collaboration: Teams must have established methods and shared tools for task collaboration. Flexible and adaptable furniture solutions can motivate employees to think creatively and tackle challenges with innovative approaches, ensuring that everyone is aligned and able to contribute effectively.

Coordination: Teams require visibility into each other’s progress and direction. Furniture that facilitates both formal and informal meetings can help foster strong relationships among coworkers. This, in turn, contributes to unified and motivated employees by simplifying the tracking of progress and alignment with team goals.

Unique Collaborative Furniture Choices

Nimble - Go paperless!



Nimble is designed with flexibility in mind, making it ideal for dynamic work environments. It can be transformed from a meeting table to a presentation board within seconds. Its writeable surface is very easy to clean and return back to a meeting table.

Nimble comes in various sizes depending on team needs. The folding mechanism is also great for easy storage for not occupying any space. 

Tier - Auditorium seating modules


The Tier range consists of 2 and 3-tiered auditorium seating modules that can be arranged to accommodate multiple groups for focused meetings and presentations. These modules are designed and developed to facilitate effective learning and can be combined to create small personal groups or large-scale conference environments.

On Point - Biophilic furniture

On Point

The On Point table adds an elegant and eco-friendly touch to any workspace. Designed by Mattias Stenberg, it is ideal for casual chats, catch-ups, or private conversations. The table is available with a built-in power source and a choice of different plant sizes. It is available in multiple configurations: 12, 16, 20, and 24 seat setups. The table is constructed with birch veneer plywood and can be customised with a wide variety of fabrics, vinyl, and leathers. Its design ensures that every participant has an equal voice, fostering an environment of inclusivity and mutual respect.

Relic Cloud - The ultimate biophilic table

Relic Cloud

Relic Cloud combines contemporary aesthetics with practical functionality to create communal spaces, to encourage interaction and teamwork. Its versatile setup can transform open areas into inviting collaboration zones, ideal for fostering a strong sense of community. It’s suitable for social interactions such as team meetings or casual catchups. Relic Cloud supports the three Cs, helping with interpersonal connections and allowing collaboration. 

Sedir - Comfortable and ergonomic


Sedir is comfortable and super functional. It has taken its name from the decadent, sprawling seating used in Ottoman palaces. It is a modern interpretation of a long, low, comfortable sofa and can adapt to any interior setting and need. Its ergonomic design ensures that team members remain comfortable during extended discussions, promoting sustained communication and productivity. Its frame is made using waste agricultural fibers, and its modular units can be easily reconfigured based on a team’s needs.

Upgrading your office furniture could improve collaboration and operational efficiency.

With our flexible rental options, you can try new furniture for a set period of time. If you like it, you can extend your subscription. If it isn’t a good fit, you can simply return it and choose different pieces.

If budget has been a barrier to upgrading your office furniture, our rental options remove that constraint. Plus, it’s tax deductible!

Contact us for more information, any questions, or placing your order.


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