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How Much Do Office Pods Cost?

Office Pods & Booths

Every day, we have potential clients requesting a quote for office pods & booths. They may be moving into a new office, refurbishing their existing space, or looking to tempt their staff back to the office after years of working from home. Ultimately, they're looking for the cost of office pods.

We’ve helped many to understand their office pod requirements, installing in workspaces across the country. If you’re just starting your research, we understand that the process of specifying, purchasing, and installing office pods can seem confusing.

The cost of office pods can vary, depending on many factors. The two main factors that you need to consider are style and size. Other important factors include furniture, acoustics, extras, and compliance. It’s important to note that the unit cost of pods will decrease with quantity, as long as the finishes are similar.


The first consideration is style. There are many different types of office pods and booths, from fully contained phone boxes to open-topped or sided configurations. The enclosed versions tend to be more expensive. This is not only because of the increased quantity of materials used but the superior acoustic performance.

If you are looking to provide your staff with a space completely free of distractions, or somewhere to hold a confidential meeting or phone call, a fully enclosed pod will likely be your best option. If, on the other hand, you are wanting a variety of touchdown spaces to break up an open plan area and to give your staff somewhere to have quick catch-ups or even a bit of variety, then open-topped or sided versions may be better for you.


The one factor that will have the biggest impact on the cost of any booth you are looking at will be the size. Again, this is mostly down to the materials required in the construction, but as the rooms get larger, the furniture and extras inside the pod have a greater influence on the cost.

Solo booths for focused work are some of the most popular options on the market today. There are two main types: standing-room-only phone booths, and slightly larger seated versions, with a task chair or bench and a small desk. Medium-sized versions with room for 2 or 4 people are also incredibly popular, as they provide an opportunity for more informal or private conversations.


The greatest benefit of office pods & booths is privacy, and acoustics are a large part of this. While the open-plan office has encouraged far more collaboration between staff, it has led to an increase the noise levels. This was unpopular before the pandemic, but with staff having become used to working in peace and quiet, it is now a serious issue for many companies.

Closed pods are great for acoustic privacy because they provide an enclosed space. However, the use of soft upholstery and fabrics mean that even open configurations have good sound absorbency. Many pods will range from 20db to 45dB or more. However, more is not always better. Many staff find it helpful to have a low level of background noise, otherwise, it can be very disorientating. Generally, around 35dB is the optimum point for most situations.


Furniture is a very variable element of pods. While some have only a small table to fit a notepad on, others have height-adjustable meeting tables with integrated screens and BYOD technology. Many booths come with integrated furniture, and the only way to customise is through finishes. However, with many of the larger pods, there are often different options for furniture. You can even get them empty and install your own furniture configurations.

There is no one “best” furniture configuration for pods, as they vary so much in size and purpose. For phone booths, a small poseur height table is often integrated for taking notes or using a laptop. For slightly larger options, ergonomic seating is essential, with a small desk or meeting table often helpful. For the larger option, the best configuration will be completely dependent on your needs- not too dissimilar to a meeting room.

Other Features

While often overlooked, optional extras can add significant cost to the price of office pods. Many have an option for integrated power modules. Another popular option is lighting that is automatically operated. In recent years, many pod manufacturers have begun to install integrated technology into their pods, from simple monitors to fully equipped AV setups.

While they do increase the cost, many companies find power and lighting options worth investing in. They make the pods & booths more convenient to use, as well as enhancing the experience of users. For companies looking to provide a premium experience for those working in the office, high-technology pods can provide high-quality environments for hybrid and virtual meetings.


Very few companies are aware of the safety and compliance regulations surrounding pods. This can make the installation much more complicated, which comes with a cost implication. In this situation, fully enclosed pods differ significantly from open-topped or sided configurations.

All enclosed pods have to meet the same requirements as a normal room they have to be ventilated, and this is often achieved by a fan system in the roof. In offices with sprinkler systems, the situation around this is sometimes complicated and will depend on the landlord requirements, the fire strategy, and the design of the pod itself.

Want to Learn More About Office Pods?

Office pods have become a key component of the modern workplace. They enable privacy in a world where office real estate space has become compressed. They also encourage collaboration, lower stress levels, make space for confidentiality and boost concentration levels – all crucial factors of a successful office workflow.

Another benefit is the ease of reconfigurability and the cost-savings that this brings - an office pod can be easily relocated from one part of the building to another whereas a built meeting room cannot.

As you can see, there are several different factors that will affect the price you will pay for office pods & booths. The two most important are style and size. These, along with quantity, will largely dictate how much office pods will cost your business.

To find out more about the office pods and booths, check out our top 5 office pods for hybrid working, or for indicative pricing of a wide range of pods, download our price guide.


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