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Best 3 Focus Furniture Collections

Focusing in the Office

Focus furniture creates spaces where people can study or carry out tasks that need concentration and a bit of peace and quiet. By giving your people the time and space to focus alone, distractions will be reduced and they will become more productive.

For decades, one of the key complaints about the office was the distractions throughout the day. Throughout the last 18 months, remote office workers have become used to being able to focus in peace whenever they want – creating an unexpected productivity boost. While companies are now moving back to the office to increase connection and communication between teams, making sure your people can focus in the office is essential.

On average, employees lose 86 minutes each day at a workspace due to distractions around them in their environment – nearly 20% of their working day. Over time that can have a devastating impact on the engagement and productivity of your people. However, improving productivity in your workspace is simple and cost-effective, through careful workspace design and furniture curation.

Top 3 Focus Furniture Collections

We’ve selected 3 of our favourite ranges of focus furniture, to help you and your people remain on track and productive, no matter your location.


Coppice Focus Privacy Pods

Coppice is a stand-alone, single person work booth that provides a high level of acoustic comfort, increasing the productivity of those doing focused work tasks. Where work requires high levels of concentration and focus, Coppice is the ideal solution, offering differently configured personal booths designed to combat noise distractions in the open-plan workplace.

Coppice can be configured in a number of different ways to suit the task in hand, the space in which it’s being used, and the privacy levels required. The Coppice Library Bay's suit 2, 4, 6, or 8 person options, and is an ideal solution to create a private area to settle in within or a workplace or educational setting.


Focus Privacy Pod

Focus is a private workstation on wheels, and it provides both visual haven and true peace of mind while working. This acoustic desk is upholstered with felt that not only looks good but also creates an acoustically friendly environment. With an innovative triangular design and partial ceiling, the Focus creates an immersive world that blocks out the most intrusive of distractions.

Focus comes with a variety of options for the interior so that you can choose the options that suit the way you work best from power units to desk lights. The concealed wheel design also enables you to move it around throughout the day, making it a really flexible and convenient option for the changing needs of your people.


MySpace Acoustic Privacy Pod

MySpace is a universal modular system with excellent acoustic properties designed to shape unique office spaces. This system is the ideal solution for agile, activity-based, and open-plan offices. A wide range of applications and configurations of these modular acoustic screens lets you adapt the furniture to various office planning needs and working situations.

From private mini-rooms for concentration to collaboration areas for teamwork, this system provides a comfortable workplace, allows you to distance yourself from ambient noise, and opens up new “office-within-office” possibilities. A variety of acoustic screen joints allows you to build different structures and gives freedom to form almost any desired workspace.

Focus Furniture In Your Office

While the post-pandemic workspace is set to become a more collaborative hub to facilitate team connections in a hybrid working model, focus furniture is not obsolete – nothing could be further from the truth. It is unrealistic to expect your staff to focus all day every day when working remotely and then to collaborate constantly when in the office. Just as they need effective remote collaboration solutions, focus furniture will be crucial in giving them the time and space alone to focus while in your office.

Our unique FluidSpace concept creates a workspace that shrinks, expands, and even relocates with you. By utilising office furniture to create rooms and zones rather than traditional methods of fit-out such as partitions, it allows for maximum flexibility – new zones and rooms can be established without the need for disruptive and expensive construction works.

This enables you to create the perfect blend of collaboration and privacy so essential to maximising the performance of your people. It also enables your people to adapt and reconfigure your workspace to meet their needs on an ongoing basis so that they can be as effective as possible.

Not sure where to start? Book a call with one of our workplace furniture experts today. The fundamental approach to any successful furniture project is to ask a lot of questions and then to listen. Gaining a deep understanding of your requirements and the way that your business operates is the key to providing tailored furniture solutions that will create the most significant impact on your operational performance.


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