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The Best Soundproof Office Pods for Your Business 

Are you struggling with busy offices, lack of personal space for meetings or private calls, constant distractions, temporary office refurbishments, or managing a neurodivergent workforce?  


If you want to improve your employees' productivity and create an accessible and comfortable office environment for everyone, you've come to the right place! 


In this blog post, we highlight some of the best office pods available for your business. Don't worry if you have limited space or an oddly structured floor plan - we offer a wide range of office pods that can be fully customised to your personal preferences. The best part is that we also offer a rental scheme for our furniture called FluidSpace Flex™, so you don't even have to purchase it if you don't want to.  


A Cleverly Designed Pod - On the QT 

With its sleek and modern design, On the QT office pods are perfect for businesses looking to add a touch of sophistication to their workspace. 


These pods come equipped with cutting-edge soundproofing technology, ensuring your conversations remain confidential while minimising distractions.  


The modular design of On the QT pods allows for easy customisation, enabling you to create the perfect environment for meetings, brainstorming sessions, or focused work. 

Key features:  

  • Integral lighting & ventilation 

  • Easy to reposition 

  • Full E84 Class A fire rating 

  • Unique sound blocking wall construction 

  • Indicator light to show if occupied 

  • Integral furniture options 


The On the QT office pods can be purchased from £10,920 or rented from £99 per week.  


An Award-Winning Pod - Air 3 

Are you looking for a flexible and versatile solution for your office space? Look no further than the Air 3 office pods.  


These pods are designed to be lightweight and easily repositioned, thanks to their unique inflatable design.  


Despite their lightweight construction, Air 3 pods offer excellent soundproofing capabilities, making them perfect for open-plan offices or temporary workspaces. You can customise the lighting and ventilation options to create a comfortable and productive environment for your team. 

Key Features 

  • Demountable for reconfiguration 

  • Integral lighting & ventilation 

  • Optional opening roof system for fire safety 

  • Range of pod sizes 

  • Integrated seating and desking options 

  • Customisable finish options 


The Air 3 can be purchased from £8,105 or rented from £117 per week.  


A Personal Pod Solution - Kuppel 

Kuppel office pods are an excellent choice for businesses seeking a more minimalist aesthetic.  


These pods have a clean, straightforward design that can blend well with any office decor. Their circular shape promotes a feeling of calmness and seclusion, ensuring a peaceful and relaxed environment that can aid physical and emotional well-being.  


They are an excellent addition to open-plan offices, and you can customise the furniture to create a fully functional workspace that meets your specific needs. 

Key Features 

  • Single seater work booth 

  • Multiple upholstery options 

  • LED strip lighting 

  • Writing/laptop tablet 

  • Pixel power and charge point 


The Kuppel can be purchased from £3,100 or rented from £25 per week.  



The Ergonomic Office Pods - Mews 

Mews office pods are designed with flexibility in mind, making them an excellent solution for modern businesses with evolving needs.  


These pods come with a modular design, which allows them to be easily expanded or reconfigured as your business grows.  


With customisable finishes and accessories, you can create a workspace that reflects your brand identity and fosters productivity. Mews pods also feature advanced soundproofing technology, ensuring your team can work without distractions. 

Key Features 

  • Integrated lighting optimised for video conferences 

  • Integrated ventilation 

  • Excellent acoustic privacy 

  • Wide range of finishes available 

  • Connectivity for TV screens 


The Mews office pods can be purchased from £8,670 or rented from £57 per week.  



No matter what your business requirements are, there is an office pod solution that is perfect for you.  


You can choose from a range of sleek and modern designs or versatile and flexible options to create a workspace that meets your team's needs and enhances productivity.  


These office pods come with customisable features and advanced soundproofing technology, which offer the perfect combination of style and functionality.  


Invest in your team's success today by choosing the best soundproof office pods for your business. Get in touch with us.  



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