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From £8,670

* Rental price based on a 36-month term and does not include delivery & installation

The Mews landscape habitats are designed to fulfil the needs of the modern workplace. The Mews range of office meeting pods enhances the ergonomics of your space through air quality, temperature and lighting to create habitats that improve the quality of work, connection, and collaboration.

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Key Features

  • Integrated lighting optimised for video conferences

  • Integrated ventilation

  • Excellent acoustic privacy

  • Wide range of finishes available

  • Connectivity for TV screens

Dimensions (WxDxH)

Dial - 1021 x 1265 x 2225mm

Focus Brief - 1726 x 1265 x 2250mm

Focus - 2430 x 1270 x 2250mm

Connect - 2430 x 1270 x 2250mm

Open - 2430 x 1270 x 2250mm

Connect XL - 2430 x 2494 x 2250mm

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