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Our top 5 products to enhance your office acoustics

There’s no doubt that you’ve now become acutely aware of the negative connotations associated with noisy offices. From high-stress levels to anxiety and migraines, there really isn’t a lot to be gained from a jaded and burnt-out workforce.

Improving office acoustics can greatly enhance productivity, focus and overall comfort for your employees.

The Comfortable Option

The Huddle work booth provides a high-backed, deep foam seated option that promises to wrap users in its soft upholstery. It has a highly effective acoustic design that ensures surrounding noise is reduced with further options for power modules. Added extras such as castors allow for freedom of movement (though a fixed feet version is also available!).

Your working environment will dictate what works best for you and your team, but with its wide range of material options, we can guarantee that it’ll complement your existing aesthetic and look fantastic in any space. With an ergonomically designed, fixed work surface, it can accommodate a laptop with ease.

Ideal for – comfortable solo tasks that require minimal interruption. Also suitable for neurodivergent employees.

The Open-plan (and Quirky!) Office Option

For open plan workspaces that value a quirky but functional aesthetic, Airflake is an eye-catching modular configuration that promises a jaw-dropping reaction from onlookers!

Made from fabric-covered fibre felt, Airflake can be fastened to any wall or ceiling within an office space to absorb sound and prevent echoes. Clever use of design suggests a ‘space within a space’ with light able to pass through with ease. Perfect for areas that are filled with natural light.

With a wide range of finish and colour options, you can choose to be as uniform or bold as you desire, all while eradicating highly distracting noise pollution.

Ideal for – large, open-plan offices with high noise levels.

The Collaboration Option

As collaboration requirements increase, modern offices are always looking at innovative ways of creating exciting spaces that carry soundproofing qualities. Employees need meeting areas that allow them to freely communicate without having to worry about noise levels.

Awnings are effective for creating transparent layers of privacy in open plan offices. They remain open to the office space without confinement and allow employees to freely brainstorm without disturbing their colleagues on the other side. This also enables the remaining workforce to see when a meeting or discussion is taking place without having to knock on doors or examine meeting schedules.

They look super cool, like a futuristic tent in the office!

Ideal for – collaboration spaces within a busy office space.

The Sustainable Option

For those busy periods when some serious focus is required, Village provides a safe haven for solo, agile, and co- working spaces. A curved screen enables optimal acoustic benefits, reduces distraction, and offers a safe space for employees to take some time out.

With options for high and low screens, you can decide what’s best for your working environment. Single and multiple desk configurations make these working areas highly adaptable for offices that thrive on flexibility.

Made from 60% recycled PET (from used plastic bottles), Village is an attractive and acoustic furniture option for organisations that have sustainable practices in place.

Ideal for – quiet working areas and sustainably conscious organisations

The Wellbeing Option

Not everyone wants a sizable furniture piece for acoustics, particularly the smaller office space. A mobile floor screen like Zorla is ideal for reducing noise in large, open plan offices that tend to suffer from noise pollution.

With excellent sound-absorbing qualities, Zorla features a top wooden box that can be filled with plants to create a decorative piece of furniture. Ideal for incorporating a biophilic and acoustic all-in-one option. Your employees with love you for it, and you’ll forget that it has a functional quality!

Ideal for – supporting employee wellbeing in an open-plan office.


Hopefully, we’ve provided you with a few varied options to get you thinking about your office acoustics. By eliminating any distractions associated with noise pollution, you’re ensuring that your employees are working in a productive, creative, and healthy environment.

Although we’ve left acoustic pods out of this one, they’re still a brilliantly effective solution (sorry!). Whatever you decide, we’d be more than happy to offer any further advice on soundproofing your office.

Feel free to give us a call on 020 3916 5005


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