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Fluid Furniture's Top 10 Picks from Clerkenwell Design Week 2023

Clerkenwell Design Week brings together the best of the design world, showcasing the latest trends, furniture innovations, and creative concepts. As a leading provider of contemporary furniture solutions, Fluid Furniture makes it a priority to attend CDW each year. The event allows us to stay up to date with the industry's latest developments, draw inspiration from the showrooms, and gather ideas to offer our customers exceptional design solutions.

Here we present our top 10 picks from Clerkenwell Design Week 2023, featuring a diverse range of products that we love.

Allt Team Tables:

The Allt team table immediately stands out to us with its ability to create meaningful destinations in the contemporary workplace. Made from solid European oak, Allt delivers the robust and durable performance demanded from large-scale collaborative tables, yet, thanks to a structure that’s been consciously reduced to the minimum, succeeds in having a light footprint.

Allt offers diverse options for busy modern workspaces including, desk height or poseur height, cable-managed leg frames, a wide range of top finishes, and optional central shelving with task lighting.

Muuna Office Chairs:

The new Muuna office chair will fit perfectly into any stylish office or home office. Unlike other office chairs, no controls are visible at first glance. The chair is equipped with a self-mechanism that prepares all the settings itself. The Muuna boasts this sleek finish whilst still including key features such as a height-adjustable back, swivel base, and weight-activated tilt resistance.

With its fully upholstered design, the Muuna office chair combines comfort and aesthetics for a seamless seating experience.

Kobel Office & Workspace Tables:

Kobel is a collection of design-led office and workspace tables that combine impeccable

craftsmanship with innovative design. Available in two distinct options: a dining table height or a high table height, Kobel allows you to create a workspace tailored to your specific needs. Both options are available with either a Gantry overhead frame for a modern touch or a standard table frame for a classic aesthetic. Select a full metal frame or opt for wooden legs, giving your table a personalised touch that reflects your style and taste.

Twyst Side Tables:

Twyst is a stunning collection of side tables, coffee tables and bistro tables designed to elevate modern workplaces' ambience. The range has been crafted with an eye for aesthetics, with a sleek metal frame featuring a twisted effect that adds a touch of elegance to any room.

The table range is designed to meet the needs of contemporary workplaces, and it offers an excellent solution for break-out spaces and lounge areas.

Q6 Module Zoning Seats:

Q6 offers a wide array of components that enable the creation of a workspace specifically designed to foster creativity. It allows for the development of inclusive and collaborative areas, as well as the customisation of private zones to accommodate individuals who prefer a quieter environment.

With its extensive range of modules and finishes, Q6 provides limitless possibilities for configuring workspaces that cater to various work styles and preferences. These qualities allow your workspace to grow and evolve with your business and are the perfect solution to the modern work environment.

Balance Chairs:

The Balance collection comprises of four chair variations: a work chair, a wingback, a high back, and a low back, along with a coordinating footstool, ideal for informal meetings and luxurious lounge and reception areas. With its inviting and cosy appearance, Balance seamlessly facilitates transitions from a relaxed recline for contemplation, to a comfortable seated position for reflection. When it’s time to focus the Balance chair also offers an upright posture for concentrated work.

A wide range of finishes allows you to effortlessly match the aesthetic of your workspace while indulging in the comfort of moulded foam seats.

Mews Office Meeting Pods:

The Mews landscape habitats are designed to fulfil the needs of the modern workplace. The Mews pods enhance the ergonomics of your space through air quality, temperature, and lighting to create habitats that improve the quality of work, connection, and collaboration.

As remote and hybrid working trends continue to shape the business world, office meeting pods like Mews offer a remarkable solution and provide a versatile space for a variety of working patterns.

Awnings For Privacy:

The innovative design of Awnings offers a subtle yet effective solution for creating privacy in open-plan office spaces. Acting as a "soft visual cue" they establish layers of privacy while maintaining a light and intuitive touch. Awnings serve as a physical indicator, signalling to others that a conversation or discussion is in progress and requires permission to join.

Available in both freestanding and wall-mounted options, they provide flexibility in placement. With a wide range of finishes to choose from, including fabric, cord, and slat options, Awnings can be customised to match the desired aesthetic and functional needs of any workspace.

Campers & Dens Adaptable Pod Systems:

Campers & Dens revolutionise interior architecture by offering more than just a pod system. This unique demountable system transforms the built environment and can adapt to the evolving needs of organisations. The range of pod and awning range caters to different group sizes, accommodating from 2 to 8 people. With integrated seating and desking options, Campers & Dens provide a complete solution for a functional workspace.

Additionally, the system offers customizable finish options, allowing organizations to personalize the aesthetic to align with their brand and style.

Organix Module Seating:

Organix exemplifies the essence of organic, curved forms, robust craftsmanship, and a sense of lightness, aligning perfectly with the needs of our modern era.

With its broad selection of modules and finishes, complemented by the sleek sled frame base, Organix presents uniquely proportioned seating that caters to those all-important moments of recharging or conversation with a good cup of coffee in hand.

Pushing Design Boundaries:

Clerkenwell Design Week 2023 presented an abundance of creative and inspiring furniture designs. Fluid Furniture's top 10 picks from the event showcase the industry's commitment to innovation, functionality, and aesthetics. These carefully curated products demonstrate the ever-evolving nature of modern furniture design, offering a variety of options to suit different spaces and design preferences. Whether it's the Kobel table’s versatility or the Twyst Side Tables’ sculptural beauty, each selection embodies the essence of exceptional design.

As a company passionate about providing cutting-edge solutions, Fluid Furniture is thrilled to share these remarkable products with our customers to both rent and buy and continue pushing the boundaries of contemporary furniture design.

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