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Get the style: The Queen’s Gambit

Take interior inspiration for your office from the biggest show on Netflix.

The Queen's Gambit, a series about a 1960s female chess prodigy, is the most-watched limited series in Netflix history, with 62 million viewers in its first four weeks of release.

As furniture experts, the extravagant set design of The Queen’s Gambit really caught our eye.

Bold, floor to ceiling looks, heavy patterns and clashing colours, on paper it sounds too elaborate to work, but these over the top details are cleverly harmonised throughout for an aesthetic that delights the senses. While a juxtaposition of both bohemian and traditional styles captures an underlying struggle between young ideals and old-fashioned ways that defined the 60s era.

Soft, feminine details against a backdrop of moody industrialism, perfectly represent the protagonist’s struggle in the male-dominated world of chess.

Get the look:

Bold Patterns

From the show: Floor to ceiling patterns create vivid scenes throughout the show.

Get the look: Be brave and use full wall murals with foliage patterns to make a statement.

A Statement Chair

From the show: The show features so many stunning chairs, turns out playing chess involves a lot of sitting down.

Get the look: Make sure you’re sitting comfortably with this retro number.

Teal & Pink

From the show: Teal and Pink are used throughout the set design for a consistent theme.

Get the look: Style your meeting room with a stunning teal and pink sofa.

A sense of drama:

From the show: Clever lighting creates a sense of foreboding drama

Get the look: Don’t be afraid of the dark, add drama with deep, moody tones

Accessorise with a Chessboard

From the show: Unsurprisingly, virtually every scene contains a chessboard, the must-have accessory of 2021?

Get the look: Accessorise a team space with a chessboard for a great talking piece.



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