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Furnishing your office in a sustainable way

It’s crucial to keep your business looking and feeling fresh and modern to create

workspaces that resonate with employees and clients.

However, navigating the ever-shifting landscape of office design while keeping in

line with corporate social responsibility values can be tricky.

How can businesses stay ahead of trends without harming the planet?

One solution to consider is rented furniture!

Environmental Impact

Just like any other design industry, the trend cycle is now shorter than ever. This is largely the influence of the internet, giving birth to a new concept - microtrends. The acceleration of constant changes in style doesn’t just mean your furniture can quickly feel dated. It also translates to tonnes of discarded furniture ending up in landfill.

Flexibility to Suit You

The office landscape is in a constant state of flux, influenced by technological advancements and changing work cultures. Rented office furniture emerges as a game-changer, offering flexibility that aligns perfectly with the dynamic nature of the office landscape.

Rented furniture presents businesses with a diverse range of design options, no matter your office aesthetics. Whether you’re embracing minimalism or the incorporation of biophilic design elements, rented furniture allows your company to select furniture that feels current and representative of your business.

The Green Choice

Over 22 million pieces of furniture are discarded each year in the UK alone and the majority of this ends up in landfill. By switching to a rental scheme, furniture that is no longer required can be put back to use for someone else or refurbished and resold.

Opting for rented office furniture means your business actively contributes to a circular economy that favours energy, labour and material conservation. Furthermore, you can opt for sustainably made pieces that use eco-friendly materials and choose manufacturing practices that minimise carbon output.

Beyond Sustainability

As well as sustainability, renting office furniture offers cost advantages compared to purchasing new items. Instead of paying huge upfront costs, renting furniture saves money and allows you to pay in instalments. The flexibility of rental agreements allows for easy adaptation to evolving trends, ensuring that the office remains a fresh and inspiring space without breaking the bank.

Staying ahead of trends sustainably no longer needs to be a challenge. We just have to revisit the tried and tested reduce, reuse, recycle approach! Looking to freshen up your workspace? Instead of buying new, give some furniture a new lease of life and rent it instead! Learn more about our furniture rental service, FluidSpace Flex™ today.



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