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From £21,375

* Rental price based on a 36-month term and does not include delivery & installation

Imagine a space with no limits or boundaries. A thinking space. A creative space. A meeting space. Designed and engineered in the UK, the Infinity pod brings architectural value and a striking aesthetic to any workspace. Its panoramic glass aperture combined with a slimline framework can blend seamlessly into any space, providing a place of privacy for meetings or concentrated work.

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Key Features

  • Glass to glass mitre corner detail

  • Touch panel lighting control

  • Geometric perimeter LED lighting with Circadian lighting feature

  • Wide range of sizes

  • Wide range of finish options

Dimensions (WxDxH)

Infinity 1 - 2050 x 1500 x 2325mm

Infinity 2 - 3000 x 2050 x 2325mm

Infinity 3 - 3050 x 3000 x 2325mm

Infinity 4 - 4050 x 3000 x 2325mm

Infinity 5 - 6050 x 3000 x 2325mm

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