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Collaboration Furniture

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Collaboration is the fuel that drives any successful organisation.   Our range of collaborative furniture creates workspaces where people can work together.  By creating a variety of semi-private zones within the office footprint for staff to plan, discuss and share ideas, the workplace becomes a hub of creativity and innovation.

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Collaborative Furniture for Agile Workspaces.

Collaborate with your team with high poseur tables or use a social table as a place for teams to get together and brainstorm ideas.  Check out the hugely popular Relic Cloud as a way of incorporating biophilia and lighting for a really unique workspace!

Our range of collaborative furniture can also be easily reconfigured to meet the changing demands of your organisation.  Use modular platform seating to create a space that can be used to catch up with colleagues or host a company event.


By utilising informal furniture in collaboration spaces, you open up huge possibilities for innovation within your teams.  Rather than your people being sat in enclosed individual spaces, they can brainstorm and work closely with one another in a relaxed and informal way.

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