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Meeting Pod Rental for Tended's Office Transition

Tended relocated in Lincolnshire and required private meeting spaces.


We stepped in to provide a flexible solution tailored to their needs and colourful vibes. 

Tended Office Pod

Project Overview

After Tended relocated to their new office, they rented meeting pods from FluidSpace Flex™ for their relocation project, to encourage private discussions and one-to-one meetings.


Our Contribution

We successfully integrated the meeting pods, meeting all Tended's requirements within their budget and timeline constraints.



Our work impressed with its speed and versatility, facilitating productivity and collaboration while overcoming challenges.

Tended - Office Pod

Duration and Value

Upon prompt completion, the project delivered a flexible solution that maximised Tended's investment, supporting their growth.


Our partnership with Tended demonstrates our commitment to innovative workspace solutions. 


With FluidSpace Flex, Tended is equipped for success in their dynamic workspace.


Are you thinking of an office transformation? Talk to one of our experts for innovative design solutions and unique furniture solutions. Get in touch today.



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