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Bring Cottagecore into your workplace

Cottagecore, heard of it? The latest interior trend to take the internet by storm, Cottagecore is a hark back to a bygone era, romanticised through a rose-coloured Instagram filter.

Fuelled by lockdown, spending time at home has never been so fashionable. Quaint pastimes like knitting, embroidery, baking and gardening have all made a resurgence. Against a backdrop of Covid, Brexit and the US Elections, it’s been a turbulent time. Cottagecore’s style of uncomplicated country living promises a cosy antidote to the stress of modern life.

But in the age of social media, even the simple task of baking becomes a stylised piece of theatre for our fans and followers to admire. Cue baking an artisan sourdough in a vintage Range cooker, while wearing grandmother’s apron, donning handpicked flowers in your hair. Wholesome, chintzy and homely. Think rustic, but prettier with florals, lace and pastels. Idyllic country life without the mud. And that in a nutshell, is Cottagecore.

Cottagecore in the workplace might seem an unlikely match, admittedly it’s not the most practical of trends, you probably don’t want your office to look like an antiques store after all. However, there are elements of Cottagecore that you can bring into your office to make it a comfortable home from home environment.

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Here’s how you can bring Cottagecore into your workplace:

A statement sofa

Every office deserves a comfortable sofa. Whether it’s for informal meetings, a welcoming reception, or a place to take five minutes out of the working day. This mismatched sofa and chair combo give a nod towards Cottagecore without you feeling like you’re at Granny’s house.

A nod to nature

Plants are a staple feature of the Cottagecore trend, and the calming effect of greenery is universally known. Upgrade your desk plants to create a feature space, with rows of foliage that give a nod to the rural life.

Cosy lighting

We love the set up of the lighting in this office breakout area. Soft pendant lights give the room a cosy atmosphere. This is the kind of relaxed communal space, away from your computer, where really great ideas can happen.

Play with patterns

Patterns, patterns and more patterns. They are everywhere in the Cottagecore look. But for the work environment this could be a little overwhelming. To make this work for your office introduce patterns in a more subtle way. The chintzy foliage pattern on these chairs is just the right amount of quaint without being overpowering.

To find out how to create the incorporate cottagecore into your workspace, get in touch with our office design experts today.



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