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10 of the best Instagram #Shelfies to inspire your office design

There are now over 2 million #shelfie posts on Instagram, this trend of perfectly curated shelf spaces has worked its way into all aspects of interior design for the home. You can see it in beautiful kitchens, with pots and pans artfully displayed, in quirky bedrooms, with prints and treasures above the bed, even the bathroom cabinet has been given a #shelfie makeover, with lotions and potions now proudly on display.

Office design in 2021 is going to be all about making the workplace more homely and comfortable, as we transition back from home working. There has never been a better time to add some #shelfie style into your office, we’ve picked our favourite Instagram #shelfies to inspire you to give this trend a try.

Use a layered shelf design to let your desk plants breathe.

This industrial shelf space gives a masculine take to this trend. The view isn’t bad either!

A perfectly curated all-white display, complete with a stylish Eames Bird

This would make a great display for any industry awards your team has won, along with some positive quotes or inspiring prints.

The rainbow bookshelf is a great way to add a pop of colour to your office, and encourage your team to pick up some reading materials.

This harmonious display creates a sense of calm, perfect for quiet zones in the office

By contrast, a dark background looks dramatic and intriguing, add unusual trinkets for a great talking point to get ideas flowing in a brainstorming room.

Your #shelfie can be functional and include items you need day to day, but remember to give space to your objects so it doesn’t look cluttered and disorganised.

If you have a kitchen or break area in your office, adding layers of mismatched plants instantly gives a relaxed homely feel. (Cats optional!)

Perhaps your office needs to be very clean and formal, you can still add a touch of fun and kitsch with a playful #shelfie tucked away in the bathroom.



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