Calma M

From £7,535

Calma M is the perfect work pod for focused individual work. Concentration and quiet are essential to productivity and the Calma M pod invites you to create your own desired workspace with its customisable interior and a height-adjustable desk. Creating a unique atmosphere where thoughts and ideas are set free.

Key Features

  • Integral lighting & ventilation

  • Integrated castors for reconfiguration

  • 35 dB sound isolation

  • Height adjustable desk

  • Integral power and data

  • Customisable finishes


1800 x 1200 x 2280mm - From £7,535

Warwick 1 - Colour square_edited.jpg

"We've been supplying a huge number of office pods of all different shapes and sizes to organisations all across the UK for a number of years now.  We've seen the demand for these pods increase dramatically since people started returning to work after the pandemic and they really are a flexible, cost-effective way of providing quiet focused spaces for staff to carry out video calls or private phone calls."

Warwick Flint, Director