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Orangebox - Intelligent Office Furniture Design

Orangebox furniture prides itself on intelligent design, boasting a diverse furniture portfolio tailored to contemporary office settings. They combine ingenious engineering with groundbreaking design and are of exceptional quality. Orangebox puts ergonomics at the forefront of design, with furniture that offers much needed support, protecting the health of you and your team.

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Orangebox - The Smartworking Company

Established in 2002, Orangebox has emerged as a leading force in office furniture design and development. Their products aim to build a more agile work environment that is adaptable and can change to suit your needs. Flexibility is an important part of the design as they look to create solutions to our fast-changing working day. Orangebox recognises the growing significance of value in the ever-changing workplace, where businesses universally strive to maximise value in real estate, operational methods, and the furnishings they employ.

We offer a wide range of Orangebox products. With a diverse offering of fully customisable products available in a range of different finishes, no matter your requirement, we have the perfect solution for your workplace.

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